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    iPod touch tif exploit is now officially released!

    Have fun jailbreaking your iPods. It is official here is the link to the website. WARNING: ONLY DO THIS IF YOU ARE AN EXPERIENCED USER, IF NOT WAIT UNTIL THE TUTORIAL IS PUT ON THE WEBSITE!
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    Facebook ticketmaster group=Free iTunes Songs!

    iPod touch fans forum reports that if you join ticketmasters group on facebook you can get 5 free songs on iTunes. This works on the iTunes wifi music store. The cool part is you can keep making facebook accounts and it will keep giving you free songs. You can buy from the DRM free songs too...
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    Seeqpod releases web app for touch and iPhone

    9to5mac reports that seeqpod has released an internet music database that is playable on you iPhone or touch. I have tried it out and it is really cool. You can search the song or artist and it brings up a quicktime logo and plays the song. I don't know about the rules on posting that kind of...
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    iSkin Coming Soon to iPod touch

    I was on iSkin's website and saw on the front page that new cases are coming out for the new iPods. You can sign up for an email update. I am deinately going to be getting one, they look really awsome on the iPhone, I would love one on my touch.
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    100 web based iPhone/iPod touch games

    I have been looking for a website that has games for my touch to hold me over until apple releases some. I finally found one. It's There are some cool games on here so I thought I would share the website with everyone. Feel free to post any other web based games you have...
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    Dailymotion has iPod touch support

    I just went on dailymotion on my touch to see if it would work, i played one of the videos and to my surprise it worked. It shows the QuickTime logo and plays like a video on youtube would. I dont know if you already knew this but I think this is awsome. I like dailymotion a lot better than...
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    Are you satisfied with the iPod Touch

    After the update with all the screens fixed I am wondering how many people are satisfied with their touch. If you are not post what you are not satisfied with specifically. I personally voted "Yes, I love my iPod Touch"
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    You guys should make a site like iLounge but for macs. You could have rumors, forums, reviews, etc all dedicated to macs. There are a lot of mac sites but I would love one with the quality of iLounge. I don't know if this has already been suggested but I thought it would be cool. What do...
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    Increase Image Size for Sigs

    I am just wondering if you guys can increase the image size for sigs, because it is too small right now.
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    Web based games and applications for iPod Touch

    I have found a couple sites that offer web based applications for the iphone/ipod touch. One I found was and their ipod touch site What I am wondering is if there are any other sites that people would recomend. I am looking for...
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    Appple care with preordered iPod touch?

    my iPod touch just arrived today and I am wondering where my apple care warranty is. I called apple a couple days ago to see what i would have to do,they said it would come with the box. My question is does it go through automaticallyor do i have to do something? There is no paper in my box...
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    Is it Possible to cancel order in "Prepared for Shipment" status?

    I ordered my 16GB iPod Touch on September 5th at 12:57PM PST. On Thursday the 13th my status changed to "Prepared for shipment." The next day I found out they were appearing in brick and mortar stores. So my question is is it possible to cancel my order even though it is in the prepared for...
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    Preorders Shipping This Week?

    Hopefully this is true. Some people have been saying that they called apple and they said the early orders would be shipping on monday. I ordered mine on the 5th so mine should be arriving soon. It seems like everyone on this forum bought theirs at the store, am I the only one who preordered?
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    Am I the only one who preordered the touch

    I see a lot of people posting that they bought the touch at various apple stores. I preordered mine and I cannot cancel of course. I heard they were supposed to ship early this week, hopefully this is true. It will definately be worth the wait.
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    "Prepared for Shipment"

    I have a question to people who have ordered iPods or other products in the past from apple. My order status switched to "Prepared for Shipment" yesterday afternoon. I am pretty ####ed that I could have gotten mine at my local store instead of order it online. But anyway... How long does it...
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    Question about apple care warrenty for iPod Touch

    I ordered an apple care warrenty package for my iPod touch with the order of my iPod Touch. I ordered it on September 5th and in the confirmation email you get after you buy something it said that it would arrive by September 10th. Its September 11th today and its 6:00. My mail usually comes...
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    iPod touch ships BY september 28

    I know this may sound stupid but what ever. I am having a hard time waiting 3 weeks for the new iPod touch that i ordered to be shipped. When I ordered it on wednesday the website said that it would ship BY september 28 and arrive BY october 2. Maybe i am reading in to this a little to much...
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    Back to the Future iPods Discussion-Live Tv on Future iPods?

    Ok since the new iPods were just announced I think we should get back to talking about future iPods. One thought I had a couple days ago was Live Streaming TV on the iPod. Wouldn't this be cool? The Tv would be free and work with wifi. This is just an idea and I am think it would take 4 or 5...
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    Wifi iTunes MUSIC store

    Personally I was hoping to see more than just music offered in the wifi iTunes store. I was hoping to be able to download movies, tv shows and podcast right to my iPod Touch using the iTunes wifi store. Apple is probably waiting to see how the music part does and if it does good they will...
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    September 29!?

    :( :shake: Is anyone else mad they have to wait untill september 29th for the new iPod Touch to ship. Don't get me wrong I ordered the 16GB Touch the second the apple store came up, but another thing I have to wait for. I had a hard enough time waiting for today, and now I have to wait...