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    16 GB iPhone to be released in next few hours?

    For all those interested, reports are coming in that a 16gb iPhone is on the horizon, and is supposed to be released around 1:30pm GMT. To coincide with those reports, the apple store is indeed down. (via engadget)
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    help a mod - Scrolling within Frames

    Hey all, I figure one of you can help me, so here it goes: I'm wondering how you scroll within a frame. Simple enough? Basically, if I have a frame like in my novell webaccess email browser, I can't seem to scroll within that individual frame (where there would be another scroll bar in IE)...
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    World Series, I knew ye not

    Had to share my frustration at obtaining World Series tickets. Now that I'm a colorado resident, I thought it would be awesome to go see my first WS game. The management, for whatever ungodly reason, decided it would be the most fair to sell tickets via the internet on Monday. When the site...
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    Black Friday Q&A

    Okay, so I've finally decided that prices have come down enough for me to get an LCD-TV, and with black friday in just a few hours, I've decided to go to my local best buy to try to pick up 2 (my brother is going to come with me and pick one up as well). With that said, my question is how early...
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    Zune (software) problems already?

    So it looks like a bestbuy let slip a few zunes ahead of time, and the person is having a few problems with theirs... (from here) No one's perfect, although I thought a windows device would most likely work on a windows machine...:rolleyes:
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    Wild Speculation- discuss

    Pulled from Engadget. I especially like the image they've been using for a while:
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    Any Real Estate buffs around?

    Hello all, I figure maybe someone here can help me with a dilemma I'm having. Okay, so the deal is that my girlfriend and I are looking at purchasing a place after finding out it's only slightly more expensive than renting. That's where the problem comes in. The max we can afford is around...
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    Well, at least it had a good run...

    well, the apple store in NY has finally started to fall apart after 8 days of being open... Hopefully no one wet their pants, since it was glass and all... :D
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    FS: Green iPod mini

    Well, one of my sales fell through, so I thought I'd offer this up to the community. My beloved mini has finally served its purpose, and I'm looking to upgrade. The mini is a green 2G one, in beautiful condition. I've never had any problems with it, and it currently gets about 20 hours of...
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    Sony Issues Fix for Hidden Rootkits

    To summarize: whether or not we are all aware, Sony has been placing hidden "rootkits" (a set of tools that is most commonly used by hackers to circumvent anti-virus software and take control of a computer) on all of their CD's for the past year or so to try to stop illegal copying of the CD's...
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    Stupid Quotes

    Okay, so I was inspired to start this game after hearing some recent quotes in my state on various topics. Place quotes you hear or read that are so blatantly obvious or stupid that the person who said them should be reprimanded with extreme prejudice. Please include explanations when...
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    canuckipod- AWESOME seller

    This is one awesome and trustworthy seller! I plan on buying from her next time she posts, so back off! :D
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    Found this humorous, thought I'd share.

    So, for anyone wanting to get a new HDD for their ipod, you should check out this *MINT* ipod HDD. Please not the line "***some assembly required." Classic. Looks like someone got angry.
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    Perhaps a sign of things to come?

    So, through my weekly perusing of apple's site, I noticed that under the refurb. section, they have begun selling refurb. 20 gb ipods for $249. The only times I have seen them do this is within a short time period of when they put new items up for sale. I've seen it with the 3rd gen, photos...
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    SCAM Alert

    I wanted to alert the community here of a scam in case any readers are thinking of buying from UsaBesTeGoods Inc. They are offering new 20 gb ipods for $189, and 60 gb photo's for $299. I was able to purchase $14,950.00 worth of goods with a credit card number I made up on the spot. Also, their...
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    FS: Apple Store Code

    What I have here is a one of a kind code for $30 off of an apple purchase of $300 or more. Combining this with the educational discount can get you a NIB 30 gb Apple Ipod Photo for only $308, including shipping and taxes. That's less than a new 20gb ipod after taxes. All this for the moderate...
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    WTB: 2g Ipod mini

    Hello there, I am looking to buy a new/like new ipod 2g ipod mini. I am looking to spend about $160-$170 shipped for a 4gb, and $210-$220 shipped for a 6gb. I am looking to buy immediately. I am paypal verified, and would like to do the transaction through that. Let me know.
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    WTB: NEW mini for around $170 Shipped

    I'm looking for a new ipod mini for around $160-170 shipped. I'm looking for one of the ones with an 18 hour battery life (I can get the older version for cheaper than $160). Someone who just bought one and maybe decided they hate it....? post or email me at [email protected]
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    I want to get a new ipod off the apple website. I'm a student, which gives me a discount as well. Does anyone know if apple charges tax if you are out of state from their factory, or is it just easier to go into a store and buy it that way?
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    Itunes and Ipod Updater Issue

    I was finally able to get my computer to recognize the ipods that I own and install them correctly, although it meant doing a clean install of windows XP. But now I have another issue someone can hopefully shed some light on for me. When I plug in my ipods, they are recognized correctly, begin...