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    Yes! I Win!

    let me just be the first to say that i love my new video-dedicated ipod. too bad the mods didnt make a section fast enough. but remember, smorzander was the first to say he loved his new video dedicated ipod. and if you coppy me.... well, site your sources.
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    iPod Sodium Nitrate

    ... stupid, i know. but i was sitting in chem class and i realized it vhile checking valencies. cool huh?
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    music being cut off

    i dont know why but for the past month or so i have begun to notice that a majourity of my songs are missing 4-5 secs of music at the end. i checked the start/end time. that wasnt it, then i thought it was becuase i used a program to strip the drm of itunes purchased songs, but yesterday i...
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    best christmas present.

    i convinced my parents to buy me a 15" powerbook. and becuase i am the one with the apple store account, i actually did the buying. not to mention i slipped in an extra 512mb of ram. i love my parents.
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    my blog i just decided to start a blog. there it is. for all to read.
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    no more gmail...

    who the hell needs gmail anymore? 1tb! HOLY ****!!!!!
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    beatbox & acapella

    can anyone recomend a good album that has alot of cool beatboxing? or an album that has popular songs sung acapella? it would be best if i could get them from itunes :D thanks yall
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    video ipod - 'how to'

    if apple is going to make a video ipod this is how it should be, it should be about the same size as the current 4th gen color screened ipods, but instead of having a click wheel and a screen, it should have a touch screen that coveres the whole front (except for a small boarder around it) while...
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    itunes cracked?

    i was just on ITMS and i only had $0.08 left. i just decided to try to buy a song. i clicked "buy song" and downloaded it. then after that i tried it again. now i have two songs downloaded for 8cents. i used a Itunes prepaied card to make the account, therefore it has no link to any credit...
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    Mac X11

    i was kinda looking for an image editing program for my emac. but when i downloaded "GIMP" it said that i needed mac X11... what is that and where can i get it? thanks guys.
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    5th gen issue

    i got my new 5th gen 20gb ipod about a week ago and i love it to death, there is however one thing that i have noticed and was not sure about. i noticed that pressing and holding the play button to turn off the ipod when you are viewing photos does not work, no matter how long hold it. has this...
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    3rd gen ipod remote

    well first there was the remote that worked w/ 1st and 2nd gens, now there is the current kind that work w/ 3rd, 4th, photo, and mini. after having my remote for just over a month and i have come to the conclusion that it is perfect except for one aspect. no not an lcd screen (although that...
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    font maker

    doen anyone know of some simple to use freeware/shareware that will let me create and save my own font?
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    post whore game.

    this is the way it works, because there is no post count in the games section we are going to have a little fun here are the rules: the game will last for 300 replies to this first message the person w/ the most posts in this thread w/in those 300 replies is the winner but you can not post back...
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    wall of shame

    while surfing through the forums i sometimes see that someone has been banned or suspended and i begin to wonder "why did that person get banned?" i think it would be very effective to have a wall of shame, where if someone is acting disorderly they can be publically listed and it may cause them...
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    mac mini and TV

    i feel really dumb asking this... but if i get a mac mini can i use my tv as the monitor? can i do a direct connect or must i buy extra hardware/softeware? btw: *post #700* woo hoo!
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    past ipod hater.

    how many people here used to dislike/hate the ipod before they decided to get one and or used a friends? i remember back around when the 2nd and 3rd gen ipods were out i was always flaming my friends that had them. i had heard that the battery life sucked and the battery only lasted a year, and...
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    screen swap

    so i was thinking what would be one of the coolest mods you could do to an ipod. then i had a flashback of this thing; on day my friend came up to me to show off what he had done to his cellphone (a monocrome nokia) he had the polarity of the screen reversed, so everything that was supposed to...
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    My ipod torture test

    My ipod torture test: The past month my ipod has been to the brink of every kind of “environmental requirements” apple has set for the ipod mini: " * Operating temperature: 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C) * Non operating temperature: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C) * Relative humidity: 5% to 95%...
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    the smallest mp3 player

    ok, what is the smallest mp3 player you have ever seen in real life? me: when i was in the hong kong intl airport a few days ago i saw this tiny tiny flash mp3 player, here it goes think of a cd, now on the inside of the cd there is a section of clear plastic. that was how big it was, now...