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    Leather Case

    I'm looking for a leather type case for my 5G iPod around the 30 dollar range, aka not the vaja cases or anything like that. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    belkin classic case

    i dunno but when i first saw this case it really jumped out at me. i think i might buy it but i'm afaird where the plastic and leather meets is where the scratches will come out. i know a friend with a dlo case that look...
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    converting mp3 to acc

    i dunno but i think i while back i read that you could leave all your music as is in your itunes library (as mp3's) but when you connect your ipod and you transfer the music onto it, there is an option where the music transfered can be converted to acc format to fit more on it. like have your...
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    packaging for ipod 5g

    does the 5g ipod include the plastic like cover thing on the clickwheel when you first unpack it? because i know that the old 4g ipods did not when they first started shipping this time last year but then afterward the film was added and it was shipped with it.
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    iskin evo3 vs speck toughskin

    which is better? should i get the toughskin now or wait like a month to get the iskin?
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    Cahnging Online Music Videos to iPod Format Question

    I bought a new ipod video and i wanted to know if i could change these music videos i found free online into playable formats for the ipod video. i believe it is in .asx format? all those free videos from like say they look good quality wise a lot of them.
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    Guess the video..

    so me and my friend are playing a game and we find an image from a video and we try to find out what its from... so i have this picture: and i'm trying to find out which video its from.. can anyone help out?
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    Shuffle adapter is it possible to use this and play the shuffle through ipod with the dock connector's speakers such as bose, altec lansing, or jbl?
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    Which Apple computer do u think best compliment to the iPod? They said the iMac was based on the ipod when it was built but then they said the Mac Mini is the ultimate iPod accessory, and then there is the Powermac which is just raw power. So agian, which computer do you think goes with the iPod...
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    Best color for 4G Contour Showcase

    So.. Which showcase color do you prefer with the regular white ipod with a black and white screen? Do you like the white x white or white x black?
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    Wonderful Service!

    Wow i sent my ipod in on the 16th for a dead battery and because I had the extended service.. I just recieved it back today on the 23... with a brand new ipod!! yes Its brand new!! its awesome.. now.. what about my extended warrantee? will that automactically carry over? the serial number is...
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    otterbox! i love this case and i want to buy it but i have one quick question. its waterprof but the headphone jack has an opening at the top of it so won't that allow water to hit the headphones jack opening at the top...
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    apple computer platforms...

    i'm really not sure where this would go... but here it goes. apple is making the intel switch thats for sure but what i don't understand is what that would do to the apple computers right now.. they would be able run windows xp but won't that make gates and windows richer? i don't understand...
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    ipod killer number 32164164 i read about it in my poular science magazine.. looks and sounds awsome. btw, 2 gigs of memory!
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    do i need my battery changed?

    - i try to listen to a few songs and my ipod just turns off. when i turn it back on the apple logo shows up and it resets. - i charge it with my dock and it says it is fully charged. i play like 5 songs on it and suddenly a message comes up that says i have low battery and to...
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    Falling for Bose.

    I have avoided Bose headphones for a long time because of this forum and the "better off-with something else" stuff but i can't seem to find any good headphones that cup over the ear that also are designed well and fold up. also if it does, they aren't that comfortable. so, is there anything...
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    buyers guide...

    the buyers guide was released much easier this year but it still hasn't been updated even though apple has rolled out many new products and that now new assecories have been released... when is ipodlounge updating the buyers guide?
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    safe to buy a shuffle?

    i wanted a ipod shuffle but apple could go either way since they cut the price in my mind... in one way they could just let the new prices sell and see if they can make more money. in a second way they could upgrade the shuffle and add more battery life and possible a 2gb shuffle priced at $150...
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    my ipod died twice.!:0

    last ight i use using my ipod for like 10 minutes listening to music with headphones and the blacklight and suddenly everything turned off, screen went blank, and the ipod reset! the apple logo came up and it brought me back to the main menu! so then the clock also reset so i set it againand...
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    playlist song order!

    I have my ipod on manual update cause my computer crashed. and so i used another computer and added some songs to one of my playlist. the songs always show up on the bottom on the playlist on my ipod ven though when i hook it up to itunes, the playlist is arranged by album and the songs are not...