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  1. decafjava

    Is it worth getting the iPhone 13 pro max?

    Well, as others have said, and I agree, yearly upgrades are usually not worth it. I myself have got the 13 Pro Max 256 GB as an upgrade from my 7 Plus 8 - also 256 GB which I got back in February 2017. So yea this is really a huge bump for me in every category and really worth it. I am keeping...
  2. decafjava

    Thanks for adding reactions.

    I just wanted to thank the owners and admins for adding the reactions to posts but also in general for the improvements and changes in the site (both main and forum) over the last couple of years. I rarely participate in the forum but I do consult the main site regularly for news and...
  3. decafjava

    From Android TV to Apple TV

    Agree, it so happens that my home internet/mobile provider offer an Apple TV 4k as part of the package and it works really well.
  4. decafjava

    "Live" updating iTunes from Apple TV

    Interesting advice, I never thought that it's possible to sync a playlist from iTunes to a Apple TV. I may have to try it, as an aside something in recent iOS or MacOS updates seems to have improved syncing of smartplaylists between my iPhone and iMac.
  5. decafjava

    Smartplaylists not updating with sync

    Yes, both are on my iPhone and live updating is turned on in the Mac Music app. The bottom 6 songs are changed but different on the iPhone and the Mac.
  6. decafjava

    Smartplaylists not updating with sync

    Thanks for looking at this cjm, been bugging me about an otherwise good upgrade. My setup is pretty straight forward. I have a master playlist called say "Jazz and Blues" with all the music I choose of that genre added (manually I might add no filtering) up to a severl hundred or so. I then...
  7. decafjava

    Smartplaylists not updating with sync

    Both are, iOS 13.3 and MacOS 10.15.2.
  8. decafjava

    Smartplaylists not updating with sync

    ot sure if this is an iOS problem or MacOS. I have a fair amount of ripped and purchased music (downloaded mostly from iTunes) and have also setup smartplaylists. Problem is when syncing the playlists do not update correctly between my iPhone and Mac.
  9. decafjava

    I saw something that scares me.

    As I wrote on another thread here, I think almost all the music management functions we now have will remain just be split between the Music app and Finder for syncing to our devices. As cjm said, Windows will keep using iTunes. Wait and see however.
  10. decafjava

    Apple dropping iTune in the future.

    From what I understood, all the music functions currently in iTunes will remain - playlists, smartplaylists and current libraries. You will be able to buy and download from the iTunes music store, or rip CDs (does anyone still do that I wonder?) and also subscribe to Apple music if you wish...
  11. decafjava

    Original iLounge staff

    Well I like the fresh vibe here, both on the main site as well as here on the forums. I think it will take off.
  12. decafjava

    The New iLounge Logo

    I like it, and also like the website and forum upgrade. Well done!
  13. decafjava

    Custom Apple Music mix playlists gone

    Hello all, so I have a strange problem that has only recently appeared. I used to have custom Apple music mixes, favourites updated every Tuesday, new music every Friday and chill every Sunday. First my favorite vanished, then new music and now the chill has vanished - oddly enough after it...
  14. decafjava

    iTunes not stopping during calls

    Since upgrading to High Sierra and ios 11 I seem to have an issue with making or receiving calls on my Mac - that is when I get or receive a call it doesn't suspend music on iTunes like it used to. An yone else see this? This happened once on my iPhone but now it works normally.
  15. decafjava

    HD Write Error

    I've been getting a strange error pop-up for awhile now every time I back-up/sync to iTunes. At the end a pop-up comes up saying "Can't write to Macintosh HD unknown error -54" but it syncs apps and updates my playlists fine. It also makes a backup (it says backup was last created xxx) with no...
  16. decafjava

    lost music

    So I got a new iMac, and used Apple's tool for transffering from a windows PC to Mac. Worked a charm mostly - except I have tio learn how photos, mail, file handling etc are different. My music library mostly went over without a hitch. Problem is while all my itunes music purchases and music...
  17. decafjava

    Switching to MacOS

    Wasn't sure where to post this. Well here is as good as any, so I'm finally making the jump to Mac OS - last Apple computer I had was an Apple II in the 1980s. Been using an iPhone since 2011 (4,5 and 6). As my Windows 7 box is getting long in the tooth and crashing with alarming frequency I...
  18. decafjava

    Wav files no longer playing on Itunes 12

    I have the latest iTunes for windows 7 (64 bit). I have some old WAV files I downloaded years ago, copyright free mostly WWII era songs and anthems. Funny things is they play fine on my iPhone not on my computer. All other aac, mpeg files play fine. Not sure what changed - then again...
  19. decafjava

    smartplaylists not on phone ios 10 and other troubles

    The icons are there but there are NO songs in the actual playlist. :thumbsdown: The same happened briefly when I turned on icloud library a month or two ago before I reverted. I also seem to be missing the "optimise space" option in music which I understand is a new feature. I also don't like...
  20. decafjava

    No (computer) Trust

    Why is it every time I plug my iPhone 6 in to backup/sync to my computer I get the popup on my iphone's screen asking if I trust this computer. Every darn time. It doesn't always show up on the Explorer window either (Windows 7) - nor ask to download any new photos it detects as it used to. I...