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    iTunes + Packard Bell = PROBLEMS

    Hey all, don't come here 2 post very often, bit busy..... But.....there's one thing that BUGS me so much about iTunes.... Me and my younger brother both have Packard Bells, and a while ago I installed a the latest iTunes, after a re-format, and it paralysed my CD/DVD drive, made it completely...
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    Album art

    Hello all, havent logged on in AGES, been too busy and since my iPod is old now (3G), I havent really been able to join in the chat! Anyway...I found what seems to be a pretty good site for all sorts of album covers.......... Hope it helps anyone who hasnt...
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    My HELLISH iTunes 5 experience

    Hello all, don't post much anymore, but this is SERIOUSLY ####ing me off!!!! :mad: So Apple decide to release a new version of iTunes; Whoop de doo! I install the new iTunes 5, about 1 month ago, then restart my computer. When I then go to burn a disc to iTunes, THERE IS NO DVD-ROM DRIVE, so...
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    Parody: Repairing iPods ;-)

    Repairing iPods ;-) Haven't posted up in a long time, and found something funny, so I thought why not??? My brother found his own technique to fix his iPod.....It's a short video...... iPod Repair :eek: (you might have to download nokia multimedia player to see it, thats pretty small to...
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    My Old Friends !

    Hello to all, I havn't been to this site for a few months, and things I know, would of undoubtedly changed. But the main thing I've noticed, just looking around in threads, is that there are so many more people with 5 posts, 27 posts, or just a general low post count...
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    Have I been Missing something ??

    Ok.........I really am slow I think........ I just saw one of the ads at the top......"The New iPod" so I thought, hey....must of come I clicked, taking me to the apple it appears they have taken away the 4G's with grayscale screens, and just have colours ? Am I...
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    Hey, im not up to date on this site anymore, sorry ! I just got new iTunes, and have no clue what "Podcasts" is ? Can someone please explain ? Thanks ~iPac
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    iPod Playlists

    I think, like iTunes, the iPod should have a real functioning playlist. So when you play a song, it gets its own play count on the ipod, then can be moved to the top 25 most played, etc. Sorry if that was short and blunt, Ive got sun stroke and Im really not in a good mood :( ~iPac
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    What else could you get with the ipod money ?

    Heylo to all, I've been inspired the UGC cinemas (only UKers will know). Their advert at the start, goes like this........... "What will £9.95 get you?........... 10 minutes of this ! (aeroplane flys across the screen) A few slices of this ! (A pizza appears) Then after a...
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    My Portable Speakers Experience

    Hey all, So I finally took the gamble and bought, off ebay, a portable iPod speaker stand. I wasnt expecting much, but I am amazed. The quality is far better than expected, and more powerfull than the Macally Speakers. They look like slightly like the Altec Lansing inMotion...
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    What The Hell !!!

    What The Hell - Post FUNNY eBays OK, this is not spam! I was looking for portable speakers on ebay. And I came across this, but that the hell is that sitting in there, that is NOT an iPod............what the hell is it !?!?! Heres a Link Weird !!! ~ iPac
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    I Guess This Is The End

    So, I use my iPod most days, and have only had it about 7 months......Today I put the earphones in, and I get a crazy deafoning scratching sound from both speakers, so I try more pairs of earphones. Same result. The screen and everything works fine, just the sound is crazy. I never treated it...
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    Help! Can't Eject iPod, Files Being Used By Another Application

    Ok, Ive never ever seen this before. I did exactly the same as what I always always do. Im updating my iPod manually, and I go to eject. It takes ages, then it comes up with "The iPod "Law's iPod" cannot be ejected because it contains files that are in use by another application" WTF ...
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    Ps3 Unveiled

    Hey, The PS3 has been unveiled. Not sure if thats real or not................
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    Just Found A Perfect Case

    Heyyy, I was just looking for an iPod case round the house, and came across some old binoculars case. It zips up round the side It fits damn perfect, and cos it was for binoculars, its soft, but I will probly put more padding in there if I decide to use it. Take a look.............
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    iTunes Video Means iPod Video

    Hey, That's my geuss.........They have got the iTunes set up with the video capability ready for the realease of the 5G, which will also have video compatibility. Why else would they put video on iTunes? I think its a little hint from Apple. ~iPac
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    Tried Mozilla ----> Back to I.E for me

    Hey, I decided to give Mozilla Firefox a go...............I didnt click with it, didnt like the lay out or anything. It didnt seem to let me onto iPL either :( Oh well, I geuss I'll just have to put up with herds and herds of pop-ups and virusses.......although I do have protection...
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    Eminem Sued Apple

    I heard that Eminem sued Apple for playing "Lose It" in one of their iPod commercials? Is it true, and if so, how much did he get, if he won ? Sorry if its been discussed before, I just havent heard anything about it until now :confused: ~iPac
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    Immortal Technique

    So does anyone have any of his albums/heard any of his songs. I think he is so underrated. In his songs, there is not a free beat for him to breathe, and his lyrics are so clever. So anybody who has it, what are your suggestions ? ~iPac
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    iPod Ghosts/Souls ?

    Hey, Just recently, I turned my iPod off, about 5 minutes later, I hear a tiny music in the back ground, and find that my iPod is back on, so I turn if back off, switch hold on and off a few times, then leave it on hold. Then today I come to my iPod, and its turned back on ?!?! Its kinda...