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    What does the plastic that comes on the nano cover?

    I bought the nano, but I am not allowed to open it until my sister opens hers (My parents think it would ruin her excitement because she already knows we got it for her b/day). Does tha plastic cover the whole ipod, and can I cut a piece off so I can sync with my computer? I ordered a Decal...
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    Should I have bought a 4GB

    I only have really 100 songs, but I heard that the 4GB is the best deal... I really don't want to waste money.
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    Is radioshack an authorized apple reseller?

    I just bought my nano at Radioshack, and I am getting nervous because I heard you don't get a warrenty if you don't buy from an official reseller... Is radioshack an official reseller?
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    Does the Nano have the ability to record?

    Thanks for helping me.
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    Ahh my head is hurting...

    Ok I want an ipod by this holiday season, and I can't decide between the ipod nano, a regular ipod, and waiting for the 5G. I think the nano will be Apples seller for Christmas (meaning Apple won't release teh expensive 5G ipod), and I really want an ipod by Christmas. Ipod nano seems nice but I...
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    Do I qualify for the student discount (

    I'm a student in highschool, and I can't really tell if I qualify for the student discount... Can highschool students get an education discount at for the purchase of an Ipod?
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    What is the probabilty that the next ipod mini will have the software to record... I really need an ipod that will record lectures and I don't want to buy the Color Ipod because it will become out of date in a matter of months...
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    Which iTrip works with the iSkin Mini Case?

    I know it doesn't work with the new one, but I heard somewhere it works with an old one or something like that?
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    Anyone have a vaja case on their mini

    Does the Vaja Case fit perfect on the mini on the website it seems loose... And does any dirt come in through the top?
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    Should I wait????

    I am considering buying a Color Ipod, and I was wondering whether I should wait for the 5G ipod or not...
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    Should I wait

    I heard that the 5G ipod will come otu this year should I wait to buy an Ipod????
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    iSkin case look cheap???

    Does the iSkin case look cheap on the Ipod??? From pics that I see on the site it looks cheap, but for those who have it does it look cheap?
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    Best case to put in purse

    What is the best case to put in a purse... I want the ability to listen to my Ipod, and then just put it in my purse (which isn't all that clean) and forget about it.