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    Stuttering during playback

    I am getting a several seconds of stutter every minute or so during iTunes playback since the version 6 update. No subsequent updates have fixed this problem as of yet. I see at least a few others are having the same problem. Anyone know of any way to fix this?
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    upgraded to 4.8 and lost my sidebar while in store

    I recently upgraded to 4.8 and it seems to work fine but now when I am in the music store I have lost the sidebar with my library, purchased music, playlists, etc. I can't seem to get back to my library. Does anyone know how to change the settings to restore the sidebar? Thanks!
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    Airport Express bypass via wireless adapter?

    I have tried to use the Airport Express to receive music streamed from iTunes via an existing wireless network (WinXP with Netgear Super G router) with limited success so I ended up returning the unit. After the initial wired ethernet configuration process, unplugging, and hooking up to the...
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    New Shure e2 ultra-soft flexsleeves have arrived!

    Just in case the other e2 users haven't already noticed...Shure has released the new e2 ultra-soft flexsleeves on their website: E2c Ultra-Soft Flex Sleeves: PA749L Large Ultra-Soft Flex Sleeves. Bag of 10. (5 pair) $12.60...
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    Another e2 sony flexsleeve mod

    I don't know if anyone has already done this but it looks much better, fits a little tighter and even has a bit of suction on removal, and isolates better while capturing and separating more of the sound spectrum than the single sleeve sony ex71 mod. There is no need for glue or cutting of any...
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    Trading Playlists?

    I hope this isn't a stupid question but is it possible to actually exchange playlists with others and import them into itunes without having to drag and drop each song manually? Thanks!
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    Volume Logic plug-in

    I found this plug-in in a magazine, it might be kind of useful: Volume Logic iTunes Plug-in for Real-time Digital Remastering Volume Logic is the first audio plug-in available for iTunes. It improves the quality of your listening...
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    iTunes samples stop playing

    I have never had any problems playing the iTunes Music Store samples until recently. Now I have a problem where the sample quits playing about 2-3 seconds into the sample. Is this a streaming buffer problem? Under edit/preferences/advanced I have tried setting the streaming buffer size at...
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    lost sound on MC9

    Hi guys, I checked out the tv tuner in MC9 just to see what it did and now I can't get sound while playing mp3s. Does anyone know how to set the sound back to normal in the music player?
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    iTunes & MC9

    I thought I saw someone write that setting up iTunes rendered MC9 unusable. Is this actually the case or has someone figured out how to have both iTunes and MC9 operational on winXP? I currently have MMJB with ephPod to sync, MC9, MoodLogic, and Audible Manager with ephPod to sync all...
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    MMJB going iTunes

    Here is something kind of cool if you like MusicMatch. Looks like they don't want to be left behind by iTunes. I hope I entered the links correctly.
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    mc9 froze, now ipod stuck

    Hi guys, I am using the latest version of mc9 and everything was going well until mc9 froze in the middle of a sync and said it had to shut down. Now my ipod is stuck and my computer doesn't see it as a drive anymore so I can't safely remove it with the eject button. Of course if my computer...
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    best recorder for streaming audio?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for the best streaming audio recording software? I would like it to schedule recordings of my favorite radio show I am missing while at work as an mp3 (or mp4 now that I am running the unofficial winniepod 1.3 updater) and listen to them on my ipod later...
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    Questions for unofficial Winpod 1.3 updater users

    For those few who tried out the unofficial winniepod 1.3 updater made from the mac version, have you experienced any trouble with it? Is it different enough that you would recommend that I go ahead and try it out while waiting for the official version? What are the new features? Thanks.