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    iPod Mini Silver Like new with Innopocket Alum. Case $275 shipped

    iPod Mini Silver Like new with Innopocket Alum. Case $260 shipped Apple iPod Mini Silver, like new. Includes iPod mini, USB Cable, firewire cable, Belt clip, software, manuals, AC Adapter and Innopocket aluminum case. The battery has only been charged twice(not exagerating). Harddrive is...
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    "Do Not Disconnect" screen won't go away.

    I jut got my mini yesterday and installed everything and been using ephpod. Today I transfered more songs and I disconnected the cable by accident before it wrote all the way and now the screen is permanently stuck "Do not disconnect." There isnt even the flashing "X" out sym bol flashing...
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    Where to buy EX71 sponge earpiece covers?

    I remember someone mentioning some website to buy the earpiece covers for the EX71's seperately. I cant find it in the search. Can someone help me out? Also, do they fit the Ipod In-ear headphones?
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    If I order the iPod Mini from the Apple Store today...

    ..when would it arrive? I'm not really down for waiting a month. What's the wait period?
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    What do I need for my 3rd Gen iPod?

    Hi guys, I just bought a 40GB iPod off ebay and it only comes with the "Dock Connector to Firewire+USB" cable. No actual dock or anything else. I have the older model(2nd gen I think) 20GB right now that connects directly to the firewire port on my comp and I was wondering how does the dock...
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    Just hooked up iPod, won't recognize-NEED HELP!!

    Hey guys, I'm new to this board and to iPod's all-together. I looked through all of the topics but couldnt find an answer to my problem. Here it is(keep in my mind I'm not to good with computers): -I have a 2nd Gen 10GB iPod. -PCMCIA Firewire card with dual ports -Windows XP on Dell laptop -I...