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    News entry comments

    A few things I've noticed about commenting for news entries: 1) "Notify me when someone replies to this post?" hasn't been working for me lately. I never get emails sent notifying me of replies to my comments. I've checked my "Junk" mailbox to double check and I haven't seen any emails. Is this...
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    iPod Notes Reader screen width

    Does anybody know the width of the screen that the iPod uses when drawing text in the Notes Reader? I know the entire width of the screen is 160 but when text is display, it takes into account the width of the scrollbar and displays text up to the scrollbar. Apple used to have screenshots of...
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    3G Battery Doesn't Hold Charge

    My 3G iPod has been working 100% fine (since I've had it - quite a while). I just recently gave it to my friend and ever since she's had it, the battery doesn't hold its charge. The FireWire cable, USB cable, and charger (all which she is using) are from my new 4G iPod. I really doubt it, but...
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    Difference between Mac/Win formatted iPods?

    My iPod used to be Mac formatted, but then we got a PC and I wanted to test the iPod/iTunes on Windows so I reformatted it from the PC, and now I have it so it works fine on both Mac and PC. But, I've noticed a few things in the new Win formatted iPod. Has anyone who has done what I've done...
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    Top iPod Accessories

    I'm creating my Christmas list and the only things I really care about (besides something huge like G5) are iPod accessories for my 3G iPod. What are the best iPod accessories out there that you would recommend?
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    Locking Access to iPod

    Here's an idea that sounds unique (unless it's already possible and I'm just missing it). I want a way to lock my iPod so that no one can access it's music and files from the computer. Like, maybe there could be a way that iTunes could have it password protected and only allow access to it's...
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    Pod2Go for Windows Give me some feedback on what you think. Thanks.
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    Unplayable music

    The other day, I went to turn on my iPod and play some music in my car. But whatever album/song I selected, it would just skip through each song as if the song data didn't exist. But it would show the length of the song. I tried it for most of my music and I couldn't get anything to play. It...
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    Why I like old iPods better

    The main reason I like the old iPods is their design: The old iPods used a simple, scroll wheel with the menu, play/pause and back/forward buttons around it. This is such a convenient setup because you can easily navigate your way through the iPod with one hand (and one thumb). Also, this...
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    Pod2Go 0.5 alpha

    Pod2Go 0.5 alpha 3 is now available to you guys. Alpha 2 and 3 basically just got the Notes feature for 2.0 to work properly. Alpha 1 was released publically to (and got it too). Here's a list of what's new since 0.4.2: - Compatible with 2.0 software. Uses the Notes...