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    Update is a GO! GO!

    iTunes finally let me buy and begin downloading the app. I believe touch users have the green light to buy and enjoy so go get your apps!
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    Need help with an out of sync audio error using handbrake

    I have an original copy of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (Dead Man's Chest), and I've tried encoding it on two seperate occaions with handbrake but both times the audio has been way out of sync, usually by several seconds. The thing is that I've encoded about ten movies with zero problems. I think...
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    Why can't you purchase insurance for the iPhone?

    I'm curious as to why AT&T won't let you buy insurance for the phone, does anyone know?
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    Some upgrades I'd like to see for Safari

    1. I'd like the bottom tool bar to be removed. Instead I'd like Apple to make use of gestures. For example, swiping the screen to the left and right with two fingers will switch between tabs. 2. Sometimes when I'm writing up a post the keyboard takes up enough of the screen that when I put my...
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    Does your ipod intermittently lose response while loading a web page?

    I'm just curious if other peoples iPods do this since I don't remember my first one doing this. When I'm loading a web page in safari, I'll try to scroll down but my iPod won't respond for a second or two and it will do this intermittently until till the whole page is loaded, normal?
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    Anyway to reflow a pdf document to make it iPod touch friendly?

    Well I do know about and its a neat webpage, but when I'm reading I do miss the proper layouts that you would get from downloading the ebook off of gutenberg as a pdf. The pdfs aren't meant to be read on such a small screen though and the text is too small to read comfortably...
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    So I had my iPod exchanged and this one feels different...

    Ok so I had my iPod exchanged and safari feels much faster than it did before. The first time I opened up a few webpages I was really surprised how fast they opened up. Also, the screen feels much more sensitive to the touch. It's possible this is all in my head of course, and I don't have the...
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    So I'm hearing that ziphone makes permanent changes to your iPhone...

    So I was about to jailbreak my iPod touch and I read on the iliberty page that ziphone makes permanent changes to your bootloader. The article I read also said that Apple can tell if you've made these changes and that if they really want to they can possibly deny your iPhone access to the app...
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    Amazon Rocks! 32GB for $427 (sort of anyways)

    So Amazon had a promotion going about 3 weeks back where you could get a free 1GB Ipod Shuffle ($48 dollar value) when you purchased a 32GB Ipod Touch, which was selling for $494. Well today I noticed that Amazon dropped the price to $475. So I called to see if I qualified for the price...
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    Been wondering a playable are NES/SNES games on the touch?

    I've been wondering this question for a while, and I'll probably end up jailbreaking eventually when I get a chance, but how playable are games? I'm guessing RPG games are pretty playable as they don't require precise input along with time accuracy, but what about games like Mario Bros. and Contra?
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    Question about handbrake having difficulties encoding dark scenes

    I've tried doing a lot of different encoding settings to see what the best way to encode is and one persistent problem is that noticeable artificats show up in dark scences. For example in the begining of the first pirates of the caribbean movie, it starts off with a completely black scene and...
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    Is Apple still trying to sneak in cheaper LCDS?

    I know there were issues before when Apple tried to sneak in a cheaper lcd when the iphone and touched first came out. I also know that manufacturers often use different lcd screens for the same product. So which one you get ends up being a bit of "luck of the draw". So I'm wondering, is Apple...
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    Why did Apple choose to go with flash memory instead of a hard drive?

    I'm just wondering what the reasons are.
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    An all new gaming/dvr Ipod touch coming this september?

    So Samsung just announced a new chip similar to the ones that the current ipod touch and iphone use, and Apple has filed patents for gaming devices. If I read the news article correctly, it says that the Samsung chip uses less power and can record in various formats, which would imply dvr...
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    How long does it take to transfer files to an ipod touch?

    I was wondering how long it takes to transfer files, say 1GB of data.
  16. P increases price of ipod touch 8/16gb models? is selling the ipod 8gb for 258.99 and the 16gb for 358.99, those are the ones without the software upgrade. The ones at with the software upgrade are going for 294.00 and 394.00. I thought I checked the prices last week and saw that the models with the software upgrade...
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    Does anyone here use the ipod touch as an ebook reader?

    I'm currently thinking of getting an Ipod touch and one of the things I'd really like to do is use it as an ebook reader, since I like always having a book with me to read. I've researched it, but I haven't heard much. I do know that in order to get an ebook on it you have to open it from an...
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    Lets figure out how Apple decides on shipments.

    I know there are other threads but they seem a bit disorganized and are missing variables which may be important. The most important that I can think of is location, Apple may be sending them in batches to certain cities to maybe strike a deal with their shipment carrier. Also, phone...