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    Ways to get more people to read your blog?

    I just started a blog, and wondered how you guys promoted yours. Do you just tell your friends or put links everywhere you can(not a good idea), or what? I'm not promoting it here, i just wanted help on how to promote it in general
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    please help: mac mini has fuzzy display + displays image to large

    I just turned on my mac mini today, and on my Samsung LCD monitor i see that is it blurry. also the edges of the screen are cut off i.e. the apple logo on the task bar's stem is cut off. i thought this was just the monitor, but i switched it to my old sony CRT and it is exactly the same. i made...
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    iLounge on Apple's website

    in thier iPhone demo
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    Help Please: I changed my Folder icons and now in Finder Sidebar the lil icons r gone

    I changed my icons in my Profiles home directory (Music, Applications, Library ,Pictures etc) and the side bar icons in the finder window arent just the icon, it shows the folder too. When i changed it back it was still like that, just with the default icons. Is there any way to fix this...
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    Why would anyone want to use Rockbox?

    from what i hear it is untable, and i dont like the skins i have seen. why would you? what added support, besides different formats(which i have no use for, such as OGG) is there?
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    What do you think apple will do with Leopard's theme?

    i saw on the keynote previe iChat was Unified, what do you think apple will do with the clash of all the themes; they have Brushed Metal(Safari), Smooth Metal(iTunes) Aqua(Sherlock), Unified(Mail), Pro Theme(Apeture)? But how iTunes has steered away from the other iLife apps(blue bubbly menu...
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    Any free music management software for Mac OS X?(doesnt neccarily have to sync w/ipod

    the title says it all. Just completely free music management software for Mac OS X. it doesnt have to sync with ipods
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    Difference from Radio Shark and Radio Shark 2?

    Griffins radio recorder, whats the difference besides the original being white and the new one being black. there both supported with the software updates, and i prefer the white color over the black. does anyone know the difference featurewise?
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    Question about HDD space affecting Computer Speed

    Does the Space left on the hard drive have anything to do with the speed of the computer I have a Mac Mini PowerPC G4 1.42 GHz with 256MB RAM, and my dad was going to upgrade the RAM to 1GB, but now he thinks the reason its slower than his PowerMac G4 400MHz + 512MB RAM is because i used up 70...
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    Hello - Did anyone see the iPhone commercial?

    during the academy awards. it was cool, but it wasnt like most apple ads, especially the picture of the iphone looked wierd if you missed it, its apples homepage
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    Black iPhone, or White iPhone?(Compare Pics)

    Which one would you pick if apple released a white one? I would definately get white. \\\ white iphone pic made by me with a simple invert/copy paste screen
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    How To Properly Install Windows Vista

    Link Upset that his brand new computer doesn't have enough ram for vista, he finds another machine that will run his his new product
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    The Effects of Drugs on Spiders

    The marijuana spider became the crack spiders #####
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    This is kind of stupid butt.. how do you type the apple logo on your keyboard.

    just like the title says, when you press option with something else, it renders different characters ie : ?ø®ß†#?å¥. I remeber being able to type the apple logo, but can't find it anymore.. does anyone know how to do it?
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    iPhone pricing is genius for apple. Don't you see it?

    now i'm no expert here, but i think i see what apple is trying to do here. They charge an insane amount of money($500) for a phone now. The crazies who would buy it right away no matter if it is $600 or $200, thereby making a larger profit. Once the buzz goes away and all the crazies buy it...
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    Steve Ballmer Making a Fool of himself again.

    Engadget Link with video clip looks like everyones favorite sweaty nutcase, Steve "DEVELOPERS!!" Ballmer is back in the news, falsely claiming that the iPhone is "The most expensive phone ever" and that the Motorola Q can do everything it can do. He also claims that "it doesn't do email that...
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    Want to buy sub $700 26"-32" LCDTV, need help

    I want to buy a LCDTV anywhere from26"-32" for under $700. Can Someone help me find a decent one?
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    help with which version of Leopard to buy

    Family pack says its used for up to 5 machines, and single user says for 1 user. I only want to load it on 1 computer, but there are 3 profiles on it. would single user work or would i have to cough up the extra $70?
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    Mods? whats with my post count going down 40 ?

    what did i do? im not that mad about the post count, i think i have been making good posts, and i havent been post-whoring... what did i do?
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    Does anyone have an adium skin to make it look like iChat in the Leopard demos?

    just like the title says, does anyone have a skin for adium to make it look like that?