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    Ipod 30gb without battery?!???

    hi! ive changed battery because the other was lasting 30mins but now it doesnt work anymore. It always shows ''Very Low Battery'' when i hook it to the PC or wall BUT when i plug it into my car it doesnt play! Im kinda fine using it that way because im only using it in my car so i wont have to...
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    iPod Updater problem

    i plugged my iPod to recharge it and iTunes told me "iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPod. Use the iPod Software Updater application to restore the iPod to factory settings." the last iPod updater i had was from 2005-06-26 so i downloaded the newest one from the Apple's website...
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    Transfer iTunes songs from PC to Laptop

    hi guys, i just got a laptop (it use Windows XP) and my computer also use Windows XP too. I'd like to transfer all my 1500 songs from my computer to my laptop and be able to charge and update my iPod mini on my laptop with iTunes (i just download it on my laptop). I've always charged and update...
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    Warranty Deal

    i contact apple to ask them for a ''deal'' and i'd like to know if you think they might accept or not, here is the email i sent them and it explain everything: Hi! I have been having trouble with my blue iPod mini (6GB) ever since I ordered it in July 2005. The battery indicator is always...
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    how do i change iTrip station??

    hey everyone, like the topic says, i want to change station on my iTrip and i dont know how, im not at my house so i dont have the instruction manual (i have a mini iPod)
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    mini iPod battery

    last night i charged my iPod mini all night (about 7h30hours) and when i took it off i listened to it 30 secs and a message appeared and said i need to recharge it because the battery was dead, and it turned off by itself. i turned it on and now the battery is half of its power. could someone...
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    mini iPod notes

    notes and playlist question i have figured out how to put my contacts and the calendar on my mini iPod, but i cant discover how to put notes on it, can someone give me a link to somewhere that says how to do it i have another question, i have made a long playlist on my mini iPod and after...
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    agent18 minishield and iTrip mini?

    I'm about to get an Griffin iTrip and i would like to know whether it will fit my iPod Mini with my Agent 18 minishield. The case has a tab on the top and i wonder if it will still work okay with that
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    battery question

    i'm just wondering, when my iPod mini battery is dead, can i plug in my iPod mini and go out and let it charge all day (more than 4 hours)? thanks
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    frozen mini iPod

    i have an ipod mini(6gigs) for two weeks and its already froze twice and im really ####ed off. i honestly dont know why it does that and i try EVERYTHING they say in the user manual and nothings works. I just let the battery lose all it's energy and after that its okay, but howcome it does that?