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    New Creative Mp3 Player

    Another one of these type threads... I know you people get sick of them. I couldnt help myself, this player is really interesting, and the battery life is incredible. Click here for tech specs for a picture of the player itself How many people will bash its design and memory look? It's navi...
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    Skinny Puppy - The Greater Wrong Of The Right

    First off, for fans of this group's early work, you might be disappointed. This album has strayed far from the crunching, metallic sound of 'Rabies' or even 'Too Dark Park', but closer to 'The Process'. This album was brought to you by cEVIN and Ogre, the last lineup before they were...
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    Bob Marley 4 CD Boxset

    Titled "Songs of Freedom". 4 CD Boxset It basicly spans his career from his first 1962 single "Judge Not". I'd recommend this to ANYONE who likes music - whether its jazz, rock, rap, etc. A writer once wrote, "The thing about Bob is he can never write a bad song. Any situation you encounter in...
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    2 Problems With iPod

    Having no expierence with the repair sector of Apple, I turned to the forums for advice. Few nights ago, I was about to charge the iPod, so I proceeded to open the firewire port cover. The cover for the port cracked clean off. Another issue is the iPod remote. The contact inside has been...
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    Real Competition? Rio Vs. Apple

    Rio announced its brand new project: OGG supported portable player. This is quite awesome, and the sizes of the HDD will be massive ( ~40GB). Link To Rio Player Info
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    I recently loaded up ephpod, while browsing the songs i noticed i had 3+gb free after deleting misc. music. Once i d/c'd the iPod. i checked the new layout of menu with the new update. The iPod displays 1.3GB Free. I plugged the pod back in to check with windows. I checked with explorer, and it...
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    One of the GREATEST albums... EVER

    Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of The Moon You can never go wrong with it. This is one of the greatest albums composed... ever. It spent 760+ weeks on the Billboard top 200 list; little over 15...
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    2nd Gen; 10GB WiPOD. Recieved at christmas 2002. My remote is broken im afraid. The connection inside the actual remote seems to be loose, or broken or something. I discovered this problem when it was connected to my stereo as the L & R channels kept swapping and becoming distorted. The sound...
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    Volume Question

    Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this in, and the other post was del'ed when the new forums took action, so if someone answered this, please answer again :) My question is, i have a pair of studio headphones that require me to put the volume up to about 3/4 the way. How much battery...