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    Problems with iPod alarm!

    Hmm. This is pretty weird. When i get to the alarm menu, and choose the type of alarm, i get a choice between a standard beep and any of my other playlists. However, when i select any of my playlists, it goes back to the alarm menu, with "Beep" selected instead. And the weird thing is, it doesnt...
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    Volume Levelling

    Im sick and tiered of having to re-adjust my volume on my ipod for each individual song. Is there any way that i can normalize all the volumes to THE SAME LEVEL without changing the mp3's themselves? I saw a couple of scripts that do so, but they increase the gain on each song by a set amount...
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    What program do you use to upload to your iPod?

    Hey ppl. What program do you use to upload/sync up your ipod? Vote above. :cool:
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    Survey: Do you use itunes for transferring songs to your ipod?

    Hey ppl, Im just wondering how many of you actually use the iTunes software to transfer songs to your iPod. If you dont use iTunes, please tell us what you're using and why you think everyone else should use it!! :D
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    Whats up with Kazaa?

    Did anyone notice anything weird with kazaa lately?! All the new songs are messed up, the first 30 seconds or so are perfect, but then the rest is just garbage. Does this have anything to do with RIAA?
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    Saving XPlay Playlists

    Is there a way to copy and paste .m3u playlists into xplay? Or any other way of storing the playlists that one creates on xplay locally? There must be a way out there :rolleyes: Someone enlighten me :cool:
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    iPod to iPod

    Has anyone out there tried to cut up 2 firewire-porpriatary cables and try to hook them up such that you have a propriatary-propriatary cable? I wonder what happens if you hook too iPods using that cable! Any ideas? :p ;)