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    Impressions of Brothers In Arms and Sparta?

    Hey all, I just recently go these games by Gameloft. I must say, I am really amazed at how well these games play and look. Brothers is real fun and Sparta is at times a very fun and takes a nice time and has some challenges! I must say, I am impressed and if this is what we see now, I am...
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    So, I'm going to Colorware my touch....

    Okay, so I Colowared my iPhone red a while back. And now, I want to do my touch. But I am stuck on a color, so I fig'd I would turn to my fav forum and the good peeps here for advice, so what color should I get? Should I do two colors, one color?!?! any thoughts are welcome. And if there is a...
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    Anyone try the google earth app yet?

    Anyone? Thoughts? Wish I was home to DL and check it out!
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    I Accidently Cracked my New Ipod Touch Screen. What should i do?

    You can try or something of the sort, either way its gonna cost pretty much close to what you paid for it....enjoy your new paper weight, buy a case!
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    Being clueless....

    I have noticed this as of late with these new iPods/iPhones that are coming out. And I have come to my own conclusion that some people are just so clueless as to what to do or how to do something with a touch/iphone. I mean you spend hundreds of dollars on a device, if you have the phone...
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    $9.99 Ain't bad

    The last charge didn't bother me, and this time $9.99 isnt that bad. Adds some function if you need it. Reactions? I myself, won't update. No need with the iPhone and all, and iPhone or not, I would still have kep mine jailbroken 1.1.4 Thoughts?
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    NBC Web App Has Streaming Episodes and Clips

    Wanted to ingform Touch and iPhone users if not known already that the NBC (TV) Web App has streaming full episodes and clips. I just watched 30 Rock and The Office. I dont have a link handy but google NBC WEB APP. Have fun Sorry if this is known, didn't search because wanted to post fast...
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    Praise for ESPN Podcast Webapp

    For those who are sports nuts. Just wanted to pass along how useful this was for me today on opening day in baseball. The archive is deep and very up to date. I was able to listen to game previews and PTI, just great on EDGE and Wifi from my iPod Touch at home. The wifi on the touch was real...
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    Purchased apps via iTunes on both an iPhone and Touch? w/ same account?

    Okay, scenario. I am going to be getting an iPhone from work to use for the company. Pretty cool, but I am still going to hold on to my touch for home usage around the rooms. My question is though. With the SDK coming out, let's say I buy an app, can I use that app on both my touch and iphone...
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    Certified APPLE Refurb's cheap

    Hey All Apple has Refurbed iPod Touches in 8 and 16gb. Starting at 229 for 8gb and 329 for 16gb. Not a bad deal if your still considering getting one, not a bad price
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    Confirmed: SDK March 6th...Sweet

    'Bout time ;)
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    Anyone take advantage of the Amazone buy a 32gb get Shuffle free???

    Not a bad special Amazon is running. Anyone take advantge of it yet, can't really go wrong? Not a bad deal if you're upgrading a current touch, you can sell the current, then upgrade and get a free shuffle....pretty sweet:p
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    When will see video playlists?

    Has this been added yet? I would love to view my TV shows back to back, without getting booted back to the menu after each episode. Do we see an end in site for this?
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    iPhone/iPod Touch to get Flash support soon...?

    Macrumors is reporting, via those who broke the 1.1.3 update, that soon either by update or SDK Apps, that Apple will give Safari flash support, but it said for iPhone only. But I assume the same could be said for the touch.... Thoughts?
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    Docks that allow a sideways/side view?

    Are they any docks out there, that will let me view my touch from a landscape or sideways pov? Perhaps even something to rotate from standard to side view.? w/ some speakers? I have searched all over but just get standard dock results, and it is killing me....:mad:
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    Anyone else digging

    Since their registration is open now, is anyone else enjoying it like I am? It is real awesome, and ESPN is even offered, so sports on the go is always a plus. But the service is real nice, personally loving the Rock channels and ESPN.....I suggest everyone check it out and throw back your...
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    Just dropped my iPod Touch....but it's positive

    I was running up the stairs after the gym. Had my touch in my pocket. Needless to say it came out while running up, and tumbled down an entire flight of concrete steps. However, I had a Griffin case on it, and upon further inspection, not a dent, scratch ding, or...anything, and it works...
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    WiFi network selections while in safari??

    I was at a local grocery store, and had my touch. I had the wifi on, because I checck the email and browse while on the go...however today for the first time, I was at the store, and I opened up safari, and on my screen was a popup for wifi networks, and it had a menu similar to if you pushed...
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    Praise for Griffin ELAN Leather Case

    I bought this case the second I got my touch, and it is ideal, no clip or holster, but it's a very solid plastice case, with a leather cover and it is just awesome, it was 15.99 at Fry's in the Los Angeles area, and I highly suggest it. Came with screen protector too, and cloth for total...
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    Do you find yourself using the 'web clippings' feature?

    I myself love this feature, plus some sites were smart enough to include a friendly icon to make the home screen that much more eye catching! I find myself using the iLounge Web App frequently, as well as my Bejweled game, my Amazon and Google web clipping. So, anyone else putting this...