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    iHome insert trade

    I bought a iP9 at costco when I guess I should have gotten an iH9 since I don't have an iPhone Anyone have an insert for the 5th Gen 60gb iPod and want to trade for any of the inserts that come w/ the iP9?
  2. J

    iTunes 7 not finishing song

    sorry if this has been addressed but i didn't see a topic dedicated to this problem i'm having. after i upgraded to the new iTunes, some songs never finish and stop at 0:01 left on the song. or with a few songs its stops playing in the middle of the song and the counter doesn't move. sucks cause...
  3. J

    Get better reception w/ FM Transmitter

    I tried putting an Aux Input into my stock Kia HU. That didn't work, so to get better reception w/ my iCarPlay Plus I'm just going to unplug my antenna. I'm gonna unplug it in the trunk so if I want it back it it will be easier than taking the dash apart and plugging it back into the HU. But...
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    ripping quality questions

    So back in the day I ripped all my cd's at 128kbps CBR, mostly to save space and because I didn't know the difference. Now that I have a roomy 60GB 5G iPod and nice Etymotic ER-6i earbuds, I want to re-rip my collection to 192kbps VBR. For the albums that I have actual retail copies of I won't...
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    Handbrake for Windows

    Handbrake for Windows. I think its beta but worth a shot.
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    Aux Input Help

    Hey guys, I have a stock Kia Headunit. It supports a cd changer. It has a normal Alpine M-Bus connection. I bought the right adaptor from Crutchfield. I tried putting it in this past weekend, the plug and everything fit fine. But in the radio's manual it said something about switching a "System...
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    er6i burn in?

    hey i recently got a pair of er6i's [black!] was just wondering if they need to be burned in? i think they sound great...much better than my sony ex81s. has anyone burned in their er6i's? if so how long do you think it takes? i've read the FAQ sticky. also maybe a dumb question...can they be...
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    dvdxcopy help

    hey i'm i want to take some of my dvd movies and convert them to play on my ipod. i have dvdxcopy and nero recode to do both. my question is, is there a way to use dvdxcopy to copy the dvd to the hard drive so i can use recode to make it playable on the ipod. right now dvdxcopy asks me to put...
  9. J

    ghost hard drive noise

    i was just sitting at my desk and i heard the the hard drive start to spin in my ipod. i picked it up and looked at the screen and it was off...i put it up to my ear and i heard the hard drive was spinning? anyone know why it does this? maybe it was just going into hibernation mode.
  10. J

    convert kbps question

    hello i download alot of music but like all my stuff to be at 160kbps. is there a way to convert songs in the library to 160 w/o itunes making a copy of i just want it to change the file and overwrite it in the current location thanks
  11. J

    Kia Sephia CD Changer Adaptor

    hey everyone anyone know if i can get an aux input through my stock cd deck that has cd changer support? the manual looks like a cd changer would connect through one cable, like a round one. not one in a harness. i'm gonna ask at the dealer next week when i bring it in. don't know if they'll...
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    new items in ipod folder. what are they?

    i used to just have a few folders like photos and something else. i don't have disc mode enabled. but when the ipod is syncing a window pops up with the drives contents. there were some new files. ._.volumeimages.icns and some other files w/ the .icns extension...these are new to me...anyone...
  13. J

    Advice: Replacement for Sony EX-81

    I'm currently using the sony ex-81s...i like them but i also have some problems with them...seem that they don't fit right in the left ear but fine in the right. also the over the ear design is too big for my ear so sometimes they fall over and i look like a jackass. i'm looking to replace them...
  14. J

    Power-Off Insight

    think i've found out something about the power-off problem. when you press and hold play to turn the ipod off and it doesn't work i think it's because the HD is still spinning. probably because its filling up the memory, when its done the power-off works
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    Nano Remote $7.43 shipped

    This is the first nano remote i've seen...pretty good price too check it out link
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    Best option for '01 Kia Sephia?

    yeah i got a crappy car...but i still want full integration of my ipod w/o spending tons of cash. i want to be able to play and charge my 5g 60gb black ipod. whats my best solution? right now i'm using an icarplay ok but every now and then i get interference and i'd just rather not...
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    Sleep menu option

    hey guys, was wondering what the sleep option is that you can add to the ipod menu...does it simply turn the ipod off? or actually put it into the sleep function that happens when you don't use your ipod for a while, and when you turn it back on the apple logo shows up? either way this could be...
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    Post Cool iPod Sites

    Hey guys, was wondering if anyone has come across some cool ipod sites that add functionality to your iPod. i've found ipod subway maps and iway yahoo maps on your ipod anyone have more like these?
  19. J

    Formatting hard drive. clean install of windows. what do w/ itunes libaray

    hey guys, i'm planning on formatting my hard drive and doing a clean install of windows to clear out the clutter and speed up my aging laptop. i have all my music on an external hard drive. was wondering if i have to back up my itunes window from my my music folder...the itunes library.itl...
  20. J

    yahoo maps on your ipod has a way to put yahoo map driving directions onto your ipod that has photo support check it out