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    New Audile/XM Portable Device

    Check this out : Audile and XM Satellite Radio are teaming up to create and market a new portable device...
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    Problems with Updater

    I have tried and tried again to properly install the new iPod updater on my computer. Every time I do, I click on it and before I can even try to use it, a little message pops up saying "iPod service error" and all I can do is shut it down. This is extremely frustrating-nothing I have tried...
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    Shipping time to Canada

    I ordered a new mini for my mom on Monday the 14th from Apple. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for something sent from Apple to arrive? I believe it was shipped on the Tuesday. Btw, I'm in Canada and they shipped it from California.
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    I think I ruined my sister's mini, help!

    Here's my horror story. My sister just had her 1G iPod mini (PC) replaced and we were all excited to get it working on the computer. I plugged it in and it didn't show up in iTunes, but it did in My Computer. I forgot that I should have installed the software first, so I went and used iPod...
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    Tax on new mini in Canada

    I just ordered a new 2G mini for my mom from Apple. In the confirmation email they sent, there was a space for the sales tax but there wasn't any amount listed. It simply says $0.00. I can't imagine this means I'm not paying any GST (Candian sales tax) on this, so what's the problem? Why isn't...
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    New mini exchanged for old?

    New mini exchanged for old when sent in for repair? My sister is just about to send her iPod mini to Apple for servicing. When they send her back a properly working one, what are the chances it'll be a new 2G iPod mini?
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    My iPod is Gone

    My iPod and it's Vaja case are gone. The sad thing is I don't even know if they're just lost, or stolen by some evil jerk. I lose things all the time, but to lose my iPod...:(. It's the most expenisve thing I have ever owned, so in a way it's as if someone older and richer had lost their car. I...
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    New iPod

    I just received a replacement 15GB iPod because my old one was making funny noises. Anyway I just formatted it using the Updater/Restorer and it now reads Format-Windows in the About menu. But now for some reason my computer doesn't recognize it and I can't download all my songs onto it. I think...
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    How to return iPod to Apple?

    I want to return my iPod and get it fixed or replaced by Apple. How do I do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Step by Step help

    Is there anyone who can help me set up iTunes as my default iPod sync program with a detailed step by step list of things to do? I'm currently using ephPod, but I'd like to switch to iTunes. What exactly do I do? Thanks.
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    Cant sync iPod with iTunes

    In the File menu in iTunes the option to update songs on iPod is blank. Therefore I can't sync iPod using iTunes. What do I do to fix this? Thanks.
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    Hard disk spins up even after a new song has started

    Somtimes when I'm listening to iPod the hard disk spins up more often then I think it should. For example, it's normal for the hard disk to spin up every once in a while when a new song starts. But what's not normal is for it to spin up halfway through a song, even after it had already spun up...
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    Problems with Sony EX-71's

    I was so exitced when I bought a new pair of MDR-EX71SL Sony earphones from my local Sony store. They looked really cool and I'd heard great things about them from people here at the 'Lounge. So imagine my surprise when I actually tried them out. Yes, the sound is good and they are quite...
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    New iPod peripherals

    What happened to the supposed launch of two new peripherals for iPod? I thought some big announcement was scheduled for the 16th in Paris. What's up?
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    Problem with 2.0.1- Hold switch

    I just recently installed the new iPod firmware, and have notcied something peculiar. Whenever i put iPod to sleep and then slide the hold button to on something happens that didn't happen before. When I switch the hold button back to off, iPod turns on, all by itself! Is this normal or is...
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    Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones

    Does anyone own a pair of these Noise Cancelling phones, or know anything about them? Thanks!
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    Songs for C.C.R

    After hearing numerous suggestions about how to help poor Kurt get some of his songs back, I thought the best way to do it is to start a list right here. So, c.c., if you're listening, how bout giving us a list of your missing tracks so we can find some of em in our own collections. Then we'll...
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    My Happy, Happy Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have iPod!
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    My Sad, Sad, Story

    I've been disappointed so often in the past when it comes to iPod, that today's latest misadventure should have come as no surprise. Here's my sad, sad, story. (Long) I'm sitting at home watching T.V., Murder She Wrote, if you care to know, when I hear the phone ring. I didn't really want to get...
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    Step by Step Help

    Well it looks like Cana's finally about to get his 'Pod. The Compusmart store here in Calgary says Friday's the day! So, to get me ready for the big day, I was wondering if there are any extra helpful people out there willing to tell me exactly what to do when I open up the wonderful iPod box...