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    Free: iPod remote control (for 1st/2nd gen)

    I have a spare inline remote control for the 1G/2G iPod... It's barely been used and works as new. Reply in this thread (*not* via PM) if you want it! First come, first served. I'm in the UK, so: Brits: I'll cover the postage. Everyone else: likely to be a couple of pounds for postage (Paypal...
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    Idea for an iTunes plugin: MTV-style overlays

    I'd love to see the following plugin for iTunes: Scenario: iTunes starts playing a new track as normal, while you're doing something else with the computer. - A few seconds into the track, an MTV-style text/graphic overlay appears in your preferred location, with artist, track name and album...
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    PC World Coverplan - Testimonial

    In March 2003, I bought myself an iPod (second generation, 10GB) from PC World. I also took out a three-year Coverplan at a cost of ??29.99. The iPod's taken a huge battering this year, acccompanying me on a backpacking tour around China among other things, and has suffered some cosmetic...
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    iPod on BBC News (Link)

    Just a nice BBC News story about iPods... :)
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    Poll: music library organisation

    I used to care - I mean really care - about how my music collection was organised. Every single filename was correct and formatted in a consistent way, and there was a careful folder structure. Now, with iTunes, I don't mind at all how the physical files are organised - it's a totally different...
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    FairPlay AAC DRM cracked...

    Well, the inevitable has happened: Apple's 'secure' AAC format has been cracked. It seems the same person responsible for pioneering DVD ripping has done the business again, rightly or wrongly. This comes from Johansen's website is here. It's only a matter of time before someone...
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    iTunes Radio

    It seems like iTunes' radio tuner is one of its least-discussed features. I've only got into this in the last couple of days - and it's outstanding! Such a great way to explore new stuff, and from within the same program as your own collection. There really is something for everyone - even if...
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    Album Track Numbering

    When iTunes rips a CD, it fills the track number fields with "X of Y" where Y is the total number of tracks on the album. Most of my existing tracks just have "X" in their track number fields. Does anyone know what functional difference this makes - if any at all? I don't mind having the two...
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    iTunes' AAC ripping - CBR or VBR?

    In the relevant iTunes preferences dialogue, there's just a dropdown list of bitrates. Can anyone confirm whether it's Constant or Variable Bit Rate encoding? Thanks.
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    Configuring/using RAM drives for MP3 playback

    Ok, this is partly knowledge-sharing and partly a question. A little while ago, I set up a 120 megabyte RAM drive using some of my PC's spare memory; with 512 MB, I always have at least 200 MB free, so I thought I might as well exploit it. The procedure is: load an album or a set of tracks into...
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    Wanted: iTrip

    I'm looking to buy an iTrip; anyone have one they're not using? I can pay via Paypal if acceptable... Best to PM me if you have one - thanks :-) Sam
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    Make a complete list of your MP3s in two seconds

    I found a way to create a list of your MP3s: 1. You need the Send To Extensions for Windows, a Microsoft enhancement to the right-click menu. Go here and download the files sendtox.dll and sendtox.inf to your desktop. 2. Right-click sendtox.inf and hit Install. 3. Go to your MP3 folder and hit...
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    How-to: share your library over the Web, iTunes-style

    I was having a bout of Apple envy the other day over the ability of iTunes 4 users to share their libraries over a Web interface, and set out to do the same on my PC. It turned out to be very simple - it only took <5 minutes to find, download and set up the necessary software, in fact (probably...
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    Plaucounts on your PC?

    Playcounts on your PC Hey guys, Has anyone used music library-type software that includes a playcount feature? I'm sure there are several hundred tracks gathering digital dust in my library and I'd love to start keeping track of my habits... Any recommendations? Cheers! Sam
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    AACs and MP3s

    How enthusiastically are you reacting to AAC? Do you think it's worth re-encoding from the CDs? (Do you even -have- the CDs? ;))
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    Still playing music from CDs?

    Just thought this'd be interesting... I haven't played a CD in the old way in months!
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    Sony MDR-EX70 port blocking: update

    Sony MDR-EX70 port blocking: revised method I know a couple of people have already tried this mod, and are really pleased with the improved sound of the earplugs. For newcomers, the mod simply involves blocking the three small ports on the exterior surface of the plugs with Blu-Tack (or your...
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    Ephpod: typical transfer rate?

    Yo; a poll of sorts... Just wondered what sort of transfer rates people were getting with Ephpod. I know the iPod's HDD is generally the limiting factor on the Firewire transfers. I'm talking about the average transfer rate over a long session, not the rate for sending one song to the iPod. I...
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    Handling the word "The" in Windows Explorer

    I select my MP3s via Windows Explorer. This goes out to others who do the same - you will no doubt have grappled with the following dilemma: For bands with "The" in the title, how do you file them? 1. The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again 2. Who, The - Won't Get Fooled Again 3. Who - Won't Get...