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  1. Photonicspartan

    Best Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max?

    Hey All, Can anyone with an iPhone 13 Pro Max, recommend some good cases? I'm open to various styles and types, just looking to see what others are using.
  2. Photonicspartan

    invisible podcasts?

    I ve been downloading podcasts with the new itunes(7.0) but when I download them and go to update my ipod there is a small "!" sign next to the podcast. Its saying that the file can't be found so I am digging through folders that have the podcast's name and title but when I open them there are...
  3. Photonicspartan

    .avs to Mpg4 with videora?

    I can never get .avs files to concert with videora? is there a setting I need to check or something. Files I download from the web like red vs blue and some halo 2 videos never work cause there in .avs can someone help?
  4. Photonicspartan

    Deleted vids of hard-disk but keeping on ipod?

    Is there anyway I can put videos on my ipod through itunes then delete them from my hard disk but keep them on my ipod, my computer is kind of old, has a small harddrive and all so until I get enough money to get an external drive to store all my movies and music what should I do or what can I do?
  5. Photonicspartan

    changing bitrate?

    So I am trying to save room on my tiny hard drive and make more room on my ipod mini, so I changed most of the songs bit rates down to 112. And when I was done converting I went from 2.7 gigs of music to 1.92 gigs but when I transfer to my ipod it says it takes up 3.7 gigs, And when I look on...
  6. Photonicspartan

    Musical instruments?

    Does anyone here play any musical instruments? I was just curious because we all seem to be big fans of music. I play the drums, I have a set here at home and I play marching bass drum in the school marching band. I ve used to play a little guitar but I lost intrest.
  7. Photonicspartan

    power outage

    I was wondering what would happen in a situation like this. Say your ipod mini's battery is low. But its storming out side and your power has been off and on in the past few minutes, is it safe to plug in the ipod into the wall to charge? probably a stupid question.
  8. Photonicspartan

    the iphone released on tuesday???

    Anyone else heard anything about this? you might have to scroll down some
  9. Photonicspartan

    will winamp format work on an ipod?

    Will the winamp format work on my ipod or must I convert it first and I cant use itunes cause I am runnin windows 98
  10. Photonicspartan

    do you need itunes to transfer music to your ipod

    hello I asked for an ipod for christmas and I am runing on windows 98 and I noticed that itunes will not run on win 98 so my question is do you have to use itunes to transfer your mp3's to your ipod?