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    How do I export and import a single text conversation

    Hello, I have a friend who deleted our text conversation. Now she wants it back. I told her I'd figure out a way to export our conversation from my phone, send the file to her, then she can import it and get the conversation back. Is this possible? How can I do this? Thanks.
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    How can I write to the root drive?

    Hello, I just got a new Mac. I'm not used to it. I've always used PCs. So this is probably a newbie question, but how can I create a new folder on the root drive? When I say: mkdir MyFolder tells me: mkdir: MyFolder: Read-only file system So then I tried: sudo mkdir MyFolder It asks...
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    turning off iMessages doesn't work

    Hello, I have a iphone 10 and I'm stuck on iMessages. I want to turn iMessages off because I'm out of data for the month but when I turn iMessages off in settings, every conversation I've had with iMessages stays on iMessages. I have no way of switching them to regular text messages. I was...
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    iTunes not remember the song I played after closing

    On my iPhone XR, if I'm playing a song on one of my playlists, then I pause it and close my phone (hit the button on the right side), and come back to it a while later, it's got the wrong song on the opening screen (where you have to swipe up to get in). It's usually the first song on another...
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    can I compile apps on ipad or iphone?

    I'm watching this video tutorial on how to create a simple "hello world" app for the iPhone on a PC using Visual Studio and Xamarin...
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    alternative to notes app

    Hello, Currently, I'm using the notes app to store important information. For example, I use notes to store: * My corporate business number * My license plate number * The Telus customer service line I'm wondering if there's a better app out there for this, preferably something that can group...
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    C# / Visual Studio developer wanting to develop apps for iPhone

    Hello, I'm a software developer interesting in getting into iPhone apps. I'm used to developing in Visual Studio and C#. My question is: can iPhone apps be developed in Visual Studio and C#? If so, can anyone link me to a guide on how to get started? If not, can anyone recommend an IDE and/or...
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    What lovely customer service Apple has

    Okay, here's a delightful story for you all about my experience with Apple customer support: I got on the phone with Apple technical support to help me out with an iTunes bug (either that or a bug on Apple's iTunes servers). For some reason, about 50% of the songs I purchase and download...
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    restricting text messages on my childrens' iPads

    Hello, How can I restrict who my children receive and send text messages from/to? They both got new iPad from their grandparents and I would really like to restrict them from sending and receiving text messages from just anyone. If they want to send/receive from a new person, I would like to...
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    parental permissions

    Hello, My children just got new ipads. I'm trying to child protected as much as possible. One thing I setup is for a request for permission be sent to me before the children download or install anything. But I'm not sure where it gets sent to. For example, my children have Minecraft and my...
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    My complaints about iTunes

    This is a post with one purpose and one purpose only: to vent my frustrations about iTunes. I'm not looking for help, for how to fix problems, to report a bug, just to vent. If anyone wants to suggest a fix or report a bug, by all means be my guest, but I probably won't read your response or...
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    random new songs on my iPhone

    Hello, Recently, when I listen to my iPhone, I've been hearing songs that I've never heard before and I swear I didn't download. Where are they coming from? Has Apple recently updated the iPhone or iTunes software to download songs that it thinks I might be interested in? If so, where are they...
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    bass quality is horrible

    Hello, I just bought a new iPhone and the bass quality is horrible. Rather than enhancing the bass, it makes it sounds all crackly. I tried to Google this and it told me to go to settings > Music > EQ > Bass Reducer, but the quality is still horrible. Is there anything else I can do?
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    How do I back up my iPhone?

    Hello, I'm trying to back up my iPhone on my PC. I plug it in with USB and I can see DCIM with all my pictures inside. It's 14.2 MB. However, the entire iPhone is using 6.47 GB. The pics in DCIM can't be all there is on the iPhone. How can I back up everything on my iPhone? Thanks.
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    Is this Pokemon Go or a fraud?

    Hello, I just downloaded Pokemon Go on my iPhone 5, at least I think I did. The way it's behaving seems more like malware to me though. So I start the application and it asks me to enter my date of birth. Before I can even touch the screen, I voice listener comes up blocking the Pokemon Go...
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    iTunes won't recognize iPhone

    Hello, I recent bought a new iPhone 5. I plugged it into my Mac and had some trouble getting iTunes to recognize it. I had to say 'trust' on my iPhone a few times, and it gave me some errors, but iTunes never did recognize my iPhone. Now it does nothing. I plug the iPhone in and I don't get a...
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    can't remove albums from ipod

    Hello, There are a few albums on my ipod that I would like to remove. The problem is I don't know how to do that. I don't know the version of the ipod. iTunes says that the software version is 6.1.6. iTunes itself is version 10. Anyway, I can see my albums on my ipod but there is no delete...
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    can't sample songs similar to my download

    Hello, Recently I upgraded to iTunes But now, when I download a song, I don't get taken to that screen where it lets me sample similar songs. I miss that. Where did it go? How can I get it back?
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    outputting more base on my ipod 5G

    Hello, Is there a way of configuring my 5G ipod to output more base?
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    merging playlists with purchased folder

    I recently had to reload my OS (Windows XP). I made sure to export my purchased folder before I did this. But when I imported it back in after the OS and iTunes reinstall, I could only import it as a playlist that shows up under the PLAYLISTS heading (not the STORE heading). Since then, I've...