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    Weird Avaliable Meter

    I have a 4G 20GB black and white iPod. My avaliable meter has never worked. Today, for some reason, it started working. Why? The FAQ says it can't be fixed, so does anyone know why it fixed itself.
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    Port, Connector, Shuffle

    I was wondering, do you like the FireWire port on the 1G and 2G or the Dock Connector on the 3G, 4G, photo, and mini or the built in USB of the shuffle.
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    Switching formats and library.

    Although this is partly answered I want to know how to do it. I have a new Mac and I currently use a Windows PC. How can I move my iTunes library from one library to the other?
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    This might have been already asked. My iPod mini is not charging on my computer, even when I use the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port. Why not? An hour ago, it was charging. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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    Will the USB and FireWire cables that came with my 4G iPod work on my 2G iPod mini?
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    New ads.

    This is really two topics in one. First, with all of the new iPod advertising and endorsement, do you think Apple is hinting a new iPod? After a long hiatus from iPod ads, they keep on making more, which I found out was a trick to get people interested in a new product that will come out. We...
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    Something We Have Always Wanted

    This has most likely been mentioned before. Why can't Apple make iPod with a scratchproof chrome back?! It gets realy annoying when I have to to keep on cleaning iPod because it has dirt and scratches on it. I know that Steve Jobs said that the scratches give iPod character, but can't Apple...
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    Touch Buttons or not?

    Do you think that Apple should put the touch buttons that were used on the Third Generation iPods on future generations? I have a 3rd Generation, and I really like them. I was wondering if anyone else thinks that they should use them again.