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    Can no longer FTP my Touch

    I have Jailbreak 1.1.2, NES Roms and a bunch of other stuff installed. I downgraded my laptop OS from Vista to XP. Reinstalled Cuteftp and now I can no longer ftp. I tried uninstalling OpenSSH and BSD but that did not help. Any suggestions? Can I reset the password on my Touch?
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    Any simple sleeve with good protection

    Is there any kind of sleeve, kinda of like the socks, that is enough to add very little bulk for a shirt pocket but better protection than the socks?
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    E2's: Where's the bass?

    I got a pair after the Bose canal phones that my wife got me, kept falling out and the tips kept coming off. Highs are much better but mine sound like there is no bass whatsoever. I have not really broken them in, but all these other reviews talk about decent bass. I listen mostly to jazz with...
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    Resetting 2nd Gen Shuffle

    My son has had his Shuffle for a couple of months now. I plugged it in the other day and it says the USB device is not recognized by the computer. It had been working fine all along up until now. I tried it in all the USB ports as well as plugging it in my laptop, but I get the same error...
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    Itunes error syncing pictures

    My daughter's 1G Nano was having disk write errors in Windows and I could not access any music. I restored a couple of times tono avail before taking it back to the Genius Bar, where they restored (mac) and filled it up with music and photos. I took it back home, restored so it would be Windows...
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    2G Nano buds crapped out

    I bought my 2G Nano a few weeks ago. I lent them to my daughter to use with her 1G Nano. She only used them a couple of days and then pointed out to me yesterday that they sounded all crackly. I listened to them and they sould blown. I don't know how it happened since I set her volume limit to...
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    Converting Itunes format to wma?

    I want to convert some of my library to listen to on my LG Verizon phone using a Micro-SD card. The files have to be in wma format. How can I do this besides burning to cd in Itunes then rip with Windows Media Player? Much appreciated.
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    Need some canal phones for running

    Looking to replace my Sony EX51's. My wife stole a pair of 71's that I used to use and I replaced them with 51's but I am not fond of the asymetric cable concept. I would probably be happy with the Sony's if it were not for the cable. I was thinking about the CX300's but they have the same...
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    Nyko Iboost Mini deal

    Was looking into a battery for my son's Mini as well as a Nano speaker. Checking out Nyko's site, I found Bestbuy online Iboost Mini for $9.99 + $3.99 shipping. For $10 you cannot beat it.
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    Podwave alternatives for Nano?

    I use my Nano at work and must remain inconspicuous and cannot use headphones nor be seen using my iPod on camera. I currently use it with Podwave but don't like how it sits plugged into the Nano. I was wondering if there was any sort of speaker that the Nano would fit on, same way these...
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    Does the Nike+ really motivate you?

    I have not run for about 2 months and am having a hard time getting motivated but I need to stay in shape for my job. I use my Nano everytime but am interested in getting the Nike kit to keep track of my progress and such. I don't wear nike's for running since I have flat feet but I would just...
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    Pac-Man controls

    What am I missing? Help screen shows that you use the menu for the up direction but it just pauses the game. I are dumb?
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    Think most Apple stores are stocking the 2G's?

    I have a bit of time this morning and am contemplating heading over to the Apple store to check the 2G out and/or maybe buy one. I ordered a new Shuffle but may cancel the order if I like the 2G enough. I know some have had success.
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    A case that fits in Sounddock?

    I have a Sounddock and an ImMini and use Contour cases on both my 5G and Nano. I am getting tired of having to take the case off just to put it in the dock. I already stopped using My Iskin Duo as it was a big PITA to get out of the case. Speck's Nano See-thru looks like it might work, but I...
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    Ipod updater killed my Nano

    It never finished the update and I got a Write Delay error. All the songs are gone and it will no longer be recognized by either of my computers. It will show do not disconnect. Podplus also does not recognize it. I just get that same write delay error. I have tried to reset it numerous times...
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    Itunes keeps starting after I close it

    I am running 6.0.4 or whatever the latest version is. I don't have any iPod's connected either and I eject them properly before exiting Itunes. Seems that on my computers, after closing Itunes, it starts up automatically. Could not find any info about it
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    Speakers that fit in shirt pocket?

    They are cracking down on us at work no longer permit us to carry our lunch bags to our posts (jail). I need a small set of speakers that can fit in my pocket to use with my Nano. Besides the Podwave, is there anything that is small and thin? I have been using Radio Shack clamshell speakers but...
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    2nd gen randomly shuts off

    It has been working fine, but now shuts off on its own while listening to music. May have suffered a drop. Not sure. Any ideas? Not sure if it is still under warranty.
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    Did I kill my wife's Mini?

    It has been working fine without any problems until I dropped it by accident about 2 feet off the wooden floor. It has a slight dent on the corner but the real problem is as follows: While using it, it randomly shuts itself off even when it is fully charged. I assume a replacement battery...
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    Not impressed with IM5 at all!

    I went to look for something to bring with me to work, that I could also use as a dock as necessary, but that was small enough to carry in my lunch bag. I tested it out and was very disappointed! The thing just distorted at even mid-level volumes. I own a Sounddock (gift) and love it for what...