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    Should I upgrade to Macbook 12? Have mid-2012 Macbook Pro.

    College student & web publisher looking for a lighter device with a better battery life. I have a mid-2012 Macbook Pro, 13 inch, 512 GB (and full of my photos). Battery life is terrible. I'm lusting over the Macbook 12, Rose Gold, 256 GB (can't swing the upgrade for GB). Battery life on my...
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    How long do you keep your Macbook Pro?

    I've had my Macbook Pro for 2 years now, but it was already 2 years old of a model when I got it--- so that's a 4 year old model. The battery life is terrible. I feel like I can't get more than 2-3 hours of battery life. On top of that, Firefox keeps freezing on me at least once a day, then...
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    iPad Mini went swimming. Touchscreen won't respond... is it fixable?

    My iPad mini took a quick swim this weekend. It still powers on and the screen looks good, all buttons work. It syncs fine. But, the touchscreen won't respond. Is there a chance it'll still dry out from this weekend and work again? Is it just the digitizer, or what might have been damaged...
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    Should I buy a Mac Book Pro (non-Retina) or 13 inch Mac Book Air?

    I'm debating between a non-Retina 13 Mac Book Pro or a 13 Mac Book Air. I want a full laptop/desktop *replacement.* A Mac Book Air is not a supplementary device to me, I would use it as my only device. What I want: - Battery life. My current Vaio is pretty good, but battery life is 4 hours...
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    What would you buy? Big birthday coming up.

    I want to buy something fun for a big birthday. The options are: - Kindle e-ink with glowlight (I like reading at night) - iPad mini (my iPad 2 is a little heavy and a little slow now) - Canon DSLR (I like hobby photography, but rarely do it) - latest iPod touch... seems easier to carry around...
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    Should I keep Apple TV 3?

    I recently got an Apple TV 3. I like it.... sort of. But, it's so limiting. I occasionally listen to music from iTunes with it. This is great. Sometimes I subscribe to Netflix, and rarely Hulu Plus. I can already watch these on my Tivo Premiere, so Apple TV for this use is redundant. I have...
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    Security camera software for iOS 3.x?

    I'm hoping to turn an old original iPhone running iOS 3 into a wireless security camera with motion detection. The only security camera apps that have motion detect require iOS 4 or 5. My old phone only has iOS 3. Are there any old security camera apps I could try?
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    iPad 2 4.3 just won't upgrade.

    My iPad 2, running iOS 4.3, just won't upgrade. I get a different error code every time. Sometimes 41, sometimes 3194, etc. There's literally a different error code each time, and I've googled them all and tried every fix listed. NOTHING. None of it fixed the problem. I've tried upgrading on 3...
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    Should I upgrade to iPod touch 5G... from old 2g?

    Should I upgrade to iPod Touch 5th gen, 32 GB from an old 2nd gen, 8 GB? I'm wanting to use my iTouch/iPad for more VOIP phone calls. I have an Android mobile phone, and don't like it. It's slow, and not many apps I like. I don't want to fork over $500+ for a iPhone 4/5. My phone carrier...