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    6 Month old iPod...Bad Battery

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Hello, I’ve had my ipod for 6 months; the battery never lasted to 12 hours apple claims. (at first it lasted about 6 hours) i never used the EQ, backlight, clicker, and was never much of a scroller. 6 months later... My battery...
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    FS: Apple Remote

    Got a remote this past saturday, but in reality i don't really need it. Just a cool accessory i guess. Anyways if your interested in buying just post a message.
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    wtb: used armband

    Anyone have an armband they no longer need and would like to sell it and is compatible w/ the 4g 20gb. email me at [email protected] w/ price.
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    Free Classical Music

    Anyone know where i can find free classical mp3s. I know vitaminic has a few, but are there any others around? Im trying to find some krommer pieces,
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    Isee Protective Sleeves

    I know contour sells these for 5 bux but i only want 1 i dont need 4 additional sleeves. Does anyone have one?
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    WTB Hp Tattoo

    Im getting an Contour Isee so i want to try out the hp tattoos. Did anyone buy a pack of 12 and willing to sell one of the tattoos?
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    WTB: Black MDR-EX71SL

    Does anyone have black Mdr-ex71sl that they no longer want new or used. If they are used i would like a complete set. Looking for a reasonable price...
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    What makes a good ear/headphone?

    What exactly makes a quality pair of ear/headphones? What should i look for when buying a pair of ear/headphones? (frequency responce,Impedanc, or sensitivity)
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    New iPod Earphones

    Hello, Im selling (1) sealed package of the original white ipod earphones that come included w/ the foam covers which you can put on , or skip the foams. If you are interested in buying or trading email me at [email protected]
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    Bootleg Inmotion Speakers

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Out of curiosity I decided to plug my Jbl Pro computer speakers onto my ipod. Although the speakers and the power adapter are bulky I don't need portability. Anyways, will this cheap alternative to altec-lansing in motion affect my...
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    No Applecare Protection Plan in Florida

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Hello, Why is it that Florida residents cannot purchase the applecare protection plan? I purchased an ipod on friday at an apple store and it seems im fu**ed if my ipod breaks after a year.