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    A2DP in 2.0?

    I did not see any news of A2DP in the iPhone 2.0 announcment today. Did I miss it or should we assume it is not being enabled?
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    Moving Mac iTunes

    I have read various articles regarding how to move iTunes Library but can I move my Mac iTunes Library to a Windows 2003 Server Network drive and have iTunes on my Mac access the music still? I mean I have it all networked fine I just am not sure about having Mac iTunes Library on a Windows drive.
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    Where are all the 3rd Gen 10 giggers?

    I have been looking every since the new releases and have been surprised that I have not seen good deals all around for the 10GB. Most places just were out of stock all of a sudden as if they sent them somewhere or something. Someone posted recently that they found a 10GB for 149 at target. I...
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    2nd Gen iPod

    Anyone know or have suggestions on where to find a 2nd Gen iPod from a retailer, either online or storefront. I know I can go to eBay but I was hoping for a retailer. Thanks.
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    I wondered if anyone has used the RadioShark and did it interface with iTunes and the iPod easily? Is the scheduling easy?
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    Which deal?

    I am wanting opinions on these two deals? 1. Refurbished 2Gen 10GB from Apple $199 + Tax 2. New 3Gen 10GB from J& $194, no tax, no shipping but have to join Audible for one year at $14.95 per month, which I don't mind. Are there any better deals then these?
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    2G and 3G on same iMac

    I am wondering if it is a problem if I use a 2G and 3G on the same iMac. Does it auto update the ipod software and screw up the 2G or how does this work? I am thinking of buying my wife a 3G and I have the 2G and wondered if that would be a problem or if I should just get a refurbished 2G for...