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    Shuffle and audiobooks

    I have a regular 4G iPod in my car and a iPod shuffle that I use for walks, working out, etc. I have been listening to a number of audible audiobooks. I walk in the morning and listen to the iPod in the car when commuting. When I use the shuffle in the morning I have to hold the fast forward...
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    Looking for belt-clip for 20G that won't fall off

    I just purchased the new iPod 20Gb. I bought the Apple case that is made for this iPod. Whenever I sit down the iPod slips off my belt. Any recommendations? Thanks Peter
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    How to bookmark an audible book?

    I have listened to quite a few audible books and while usually, leaving the book (either turning off the ipod or going to a song) returns me to where I left off, it sometimes goes back to the beginnning. Is there some manual way of telling the ipod to bookmark this page?? Thanks Peter
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    How do I merge audio "book tracks" into one file (Mac)

    For the audio books that I do not purchase from Audible, I often have to convert a audio CD to MP3's to listen to them on my ipod. When I have done this I end up with 20 + files. Is there a way with Mac software to merge these (obviously in order) into one file? thanks Peter
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    Can't copy audible book to iPod

    I recently took advantage of a offer from Audible to download one of several books for a low price. One of them was Dan Brown's Digital Fortress. It is on my iBook and plays fine, but I can't seem to transfer it to my iPod, when I click on it and try and drag it over it doesn't move. any...