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    iTunes music not playing

    I've noticed that songs I've bought off of iTunes will no longer play on my iPod. If I select one it will just skip to the next one and this problem is with every song bought off itunes. Music from other stores or Cds work fine. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
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    Itunes 7: Explict symbol

    How can I get rid of the explicit signs next to the songs?
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    IC: Creative ep-630, V-moda

    I am interested in selling a pair of Creative ep-630's and V-moda Remix M-Class earbuds if anyone is interested in buying them. The Creative's are only a few months old and in like new condition. They also come with all three sets of earbuds. The V-moda's are also only a few months old and in...
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    Can I listen to music longer if....

    Can I listen to more music a day at the same volumes if I'm using cans instead of earbuds? Just kinda wondering because I don't wanna lose my hearing if I don't have to.
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    MintyBoost battery Charger

    Has anybody around here tried that MintyBoost charger. There is a great tutorial for it here I was thinking about building one and was wondering how easy it was because I am a very basic solderer. Also all the...
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    Double Flange Ear Tips

    I was wondering if these would work with creative ep-630s or griffin eathumps and does that come with the tool kit too? "Replacement double flange ear tips for™ earphones. (Qty. 10) Tool kit for™...
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    Looking for some good drumming

    I'm look for th ebest drumming out there. So I have two questions. 1)Which band has the best drummer? 2)Where can I find good drumming but without any vocals?
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    CX300 vs. Earthumps

    Right now I own the Earthumps. They are 100% what I want but I figure why not buy the CX300 when they're only $40. So my questions are: Which one has more bass? and Which one isolates sound better? If the answer to both of those is the CX300's I'll be picking some up soon.
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    Sony MDR-EX51LP or ezEars SX50

    Sony MDR-EX51LP or ezEars SX50 Which is better overall? Comfort Sound Qualtiy Sound Isolation Right now I'm thinking the ezears b/c they have the even cord length which I like a lot. But Ive read the sonys are very comfortable and they have to 3 differents size earpieces. Or can you...