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    The iPod cannot be restored because.....!

    it contains files that are in use by another application...!!!?!?! I've done the steps advised below.....still comes up with the same error though.....can anyone help, please?? I didn't have the option to put it into that where the problem lies?
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    Itunes Music folder

    I assumed Itunes was reading from my external hard drive, but I noticed it had copied all my music onto my PC in the itunes media folder. I deleted all the music from that folder, now everything has exclamation points next to it. I located the files but it only seems to do a few tracks then...
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    External hard drive/internal hard drive

    So i've filled up my external hard drive. I have about 30gb of music that I want to load onto my itunes. I'll be checking and unchecking the stuff that i want on my ipod etc. Will my itunes read from my Music folder on my PC as well as my external hard drive? Thanks in advance:D
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    iPhone clock

    I know this is a glitch with the phone itself but what's happening for this to be resolved does anyone know? Thanks.
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    Itunes / external hard drive help (again)

    When i copy all my music ferom my external hard drive to my itunes, it also copies the files onto my PC hard drive in the itunes media folder . Is there no way round this? Can't itunes just read the music from my external hard drive? My step dad is doing his pieces about me clogging up the...
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    Itunes help

    Hello. I've unchecked litereally hundereds of songs that i can live without having on my ipod, but want them on my itunes......when i Sync the ipod, the songs remain......what am i doing wrong?:o Thanks in advance.
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    Itunes / external hard drive help

    Hi my sister has unplugged my external hard drive, where all my music is stored. Now my itunes cant locate my music unless i do it all individually.....i have nearly 25,000 tracks......surely there's a way round this?? Any help would be fantastic. -Dean-
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    The "iPod" cannot be restored

    because it contains files that are in use by another application. I can't restore, as soon as i plug the ipod in it starts to sync and it won't stop syncing......urgh. I've tried formatting via Windows, it just says "Windows was unable to complete the format". I done it in disk mode, still no...
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    Help needed!

    Hi, i'm trying to get 2 ipods onto the same itunes, i keep failing. And i also need to keep all my music stored onto my external hard drive, now when i want to update my ipod do i have to transfer all my music into the my music folder?? As the timer says this will take up to an hour each...