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    Delete RAW files?

    When I hook my camera to my iPad it will load all of the JPEGs that I select, but it also loads all of the RAW files that are associated with them. I can delete these by syncing the iPad with my PC, and then going into the DCIM folder and opening each individual folder and selecting the RAW...
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    Locating photos on a map?

    I used to be able to click something on a photo that I had taken and, if it was geo tagged, it would show me on a map where it was taken. What happened to this feature? ipad 3, iOS 7.05.
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    Playlists Fail on Some Devices

    I have some smart playlists that I've been using for many years with my iPod Classic with very few problems. I have also used these lists on an iPhone 4 and an iPad 3. When these devices were new, there was rarely any problems. So the lists will still work on the Classic. On the iPhone and...
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    Painful ratings with iOS 7

    I installed iOS 7 on my iPad 3 without too much drama. One of the first things that I noticed though was the difficult to use music rating system. I finally found where you can change the ratings on tunes, however you have to toggle to another screen to actually get to the next song. Going back...
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    iPhone 4 battery issue?

    My ~2 year old iPhone 4 has been losing juice fairly steadily now. If I charge to 100% before I go to bed, it's down to 85 to 75%, 8 hours later. It doesn't seem to matter whether or not I have WiFi or Bluetooth on. So last night I charge up to 100% and now 10 hours later, I'm still at 100%, no...
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    IOS 5 Reminders

    When you set a reminder and use the At Location alarm, is there a way to set more than 1 alarm. When I set mine, quite often I can't hear it, so I miss the alarm.
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    iTunes adding and deleting check marks.

    When I sync my iPod Classic, I have several playlists where the music will become an unchecked selection. I will check all of the unchecked tunes and they sync. Next time up same thing happens. When I sync my iPhone, the opposite happens. Apps and books that were previously not checked all...
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    Burn Playlist to Thumb Drive?

    Is there a way to accomplish this but instead of a disc, use a thumb drive. I hate wasting disc when I'm just moving music to my work computer. Are there any programs that make a thumb drive have the properties of a disc burner?
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    Get Info not responding

    When I click "Get Info", the Info page is grayed out, it won't respond. Is there a setting that I'm overlooking?
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    iTunes on a new computer

    I went from XP on a laptop to Windows 7 on a new computer. I have my library on an external drive so I copied the .xml to the new computer. All my music moved successfully so I'm OK there. When I synced my iPod, it couldn't find some file (of course, it doesn't specify which frickn file) so I...
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    Hollow #[email protected]%#$^ing Rating Stars

    How to I get rid of these damn hollow rating stars. For some reason my iTunes has been batch rating formerly unrated songs. :mad: My library is quite large on an external drive on a 7 year old laptop running XP. Needless to say it's quite slow to respond to anything.
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    iPhone 4 skipping songs

    When I listen to a smart playlist on my iPhone 4, it will quite often play part of a song, then skip to another, play part of it, then skip to another. This seems to only happen when I'm using the ear buds that came with the phone. The smart list I'm using works fine on my iPod Classic. Is this...
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    iPhone is in negative mode

    I have a brand new iPhone. I loaded up photos and videos that I had on my iPod and everything is a negative. Photos and videos I take with the iPhone are also negatives. I even downloaded Peggle and it's a negative also. I am doing a restore at the moment, but is there something else I need to...
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    Kensington Key Folio won't connect

    My wife has an Ipad and a Kensington Key Folio (bluetooth keyboard) and she can't make the keyboard work anymore. The key board is charged and the lights come on. Bluetooth is turned on in the settings. Kensington's web site draws a blank when I search the FAQ's. Any ideas anyone?
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    Free Music Archive

    Here is another free site:
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    Brite Revolution

    There are around 100 songs available for free downloads from this site. Some very good artists and tunes, all free and legal.
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    SXSW Free Music

    This site has bit torrents of artists that submitted music to the South By Southwest music festival. If you get them all from 2010 to 2005 there is 23 GB and over 5200 songs. Some of it real good, and a fair amount that's not my taste. AFAIK this is all legal stuff.
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    BUTR tunes

    I have found lots of new bands on the podcast Bands Under The Radar. BUTR now has an offer of 100 songs for $10.00, which ends up being $0.10 per song. I have no connection to BUTR, just thought it was some good music.
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    Itunes 9 and Movies Tab

    I'm running Itunes on XP Home. When I first installed Itunes 9, with my Ipod connected, under the Ipod Tab there was a movie tab and it had a pull down menu, a playlist menu, and an individual movie menu (what a pain in the a$$ the movie menu was). Now when I connect my Ipod, I have...
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    How to delete Genre tags?

    How do I actually delete genre tags? I know how to change the tags, but I have a bunch of mis-spelled tags in the pull down list and I can't get rid of them.