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    New competitor to iPod (to be released)

    Theres gonna be a new mp3 player thats gonna use 1.8" HDD(not sure if its from Toshiba)
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    RCA's New 40gig Mp3 playa

    If any one cares, theres a new mp3 player from RCA... 40 Gig Just not sure if the Link Works
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    Craziest Idea Ever (I think)

    I was reading found something about the FBI or Cia. There using wearable pc's. The screen is 2" and it's close to the eye for ez reaing. My idea is that the iPods have sumthing like that in the near futur. Or... Have it integrated in glasses ir contact lenses.
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    Don't know where to put this so here goes. In which time zone does the iPodlounge located in. Because it says 8-9 when 5:06 am, last post, but when it was actually 10:06 pm 8-8? Or even country, actually, county would be better.
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    Don't know why, but I want it to to be able to put up an option in which requires you to put in a pin number at start. It would be confusing, but i'd be hapier if i knew it was safe from people who are too curious and just wanted to use it with out my knowledge.
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    Mmjb 8

    Could I use MMJB 8 with my iPod or does it have to be the one that's on the disc that come with the iPod? I've read on some other sites that you absolutely have to install 7.5 or else it won't work. Has anyone used MMJB 8 with iPod?
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    Moving up the "We like" Section

    WEll u know the part of the site with the we we like these sites, i think it should be moved up. I don't see much difference between on the bottom from the top of the ads, but if it would be on top, i'd be more convenient
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    OMG The new iTrip is out

    The new i trip for the 3rd Gen is out. Click Here I can't believeit's finally out. But it only accepts pre-orders only though.
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    Shipping and Handling

    Can any1 tell me if you paid shipping and handling? And could plz post a reply on where you where and how much if u had paid S/H because I live in Canada and don't want to pay to much. And also, is it shipped by ground or air? I would ask these to apple, but can't find an addresse to e-mail...
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    Windows iTunes

    I want the 3rd Gen Ipods 30Gig and the only reason i'm not getting it yet because iTunes for windows is not out yet. Does some one no a good estore to buy music from at a very low price or even knows when the Windows iTunes is comin out
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    PVP (Personal Video Player)

    Sup all, 1- I believe in the next gen of ipods, it will have a biger screen and be able to playback videos. I do not own an Ipod or a mac but people have been saying that Apple sells videos on the Itunes. So why shouldn't the ipod be PVP? And on top of that, lots of compagnies are...