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    Parallels Won't Detect iPod

    Hey, yeah, my ipod won't show up in Parallels desktop 3188. Am I perhaps doing something wrong? When I plug my ipod into my Macbook I tick iPod in the parallels window. The iPod then disappears from my Mac but doesn't show up on Parallels. I am using a Macbook, running XP Pro though Parallels...
  2. J

    Import Speeds

    Just wondering what sort of speeds should I be getting when I import cds into iTunes on my new 2GHz Macbook. I am only getting like 6.3 at the most. Is there any way to improve this.
  3. J

    Songs Won't Stayed Tagged

    Well I got my new 80GB iPod yesterday and have put nearly all my songs on it. Well what happens with one band, only one band it does this, it has them listed twice in my Artists List on the iPod. Also with one of that bands albums I have gone through many times and changed the info in it (ie...
  4. J

    Best DVD Burning Software

    I was just wondering what is the best DvD Burning software that you can get on PC or Mac? I have tried Nero and it didn't really do it for me and I have also tried Toast on Mac and for some reason I can only burn 55 seconds of the movie. Any help?
  5. J

    Switching To Mac

    Hey, as the title suggests I am switching to Mac from Windows. Too many problems with Microsoft has caused me to hate them. I am getting a "Blackbook" since it's all I need at the moment. Anyway, I was wondering if there would be anything I should know about Mac before I get it. Any ticks of...
  6. J

    MediaMonkey Questions

    Hey, sort of new to MediaMonkey. It works great, puts songs on all well and good, I just have 2 questions though, if anyone would be so kind as to answer; 1. Can you put video's on through it? 2. Concerning the bit how you can tag according to Amazon, is it possible to change to a site other...
  7. J

    YamiPod Help

    Ok here is the situation, I downloaded it, connected my iPod 5G Video, opened up Yamipod and now it is saying connect iPod. The iPod shows up in Windows Explorer as C Drive so why doesn't YamiPod pick it up? Also is there a manual way I can detect the iPod?
  8. J

    Does Yamipod void the warranty

    The title basically says it all, does it void the warranty?
  9. J

    Switching Computers

    I have been wondering a few things for a couple of days now. If you cannot answer any of them thank you for at least looking and trying to help. Here is the scenario, I have been putting all the songs on my iPod Video 30gb through a Windows XP computer. However, now I am getting a MacBook Pro...
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    Quick Question

    This maybe a stupid question but I got a video 5g I updated so it's 1.2. Now I have put some Tv Shows on, as you do, and I have labelled them as TV Shows. Now they do not show up at all on my iPod. Any help?
  11. J

    Best Video Software?

    I just want to know what is the best software for putting Vids on the iPod other than iTunes as it doesn't work on my computer. Any help would be appreciated. Sam
  12. J

    For The Aussie's...

    I guessed that there would have to be some Australians out there so for those of you that live in our country I hope you watch/enjoy The Chasers War On Everything, it's possibly the third funniest show ever, after Family Guy and The Simpsons sometimes. Anyway they now allow you to subscribe to...