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    MiniDisc, Still alive?

    Ok, Sony first introduced the Minidisc format over a decade ago... So, when do you guys think the Minidisc format will die? I actually have an mz-n10 and still use it occasionally as well as my iPod... I predict that the Sony's Minidisc format will die in the next three years.
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    Griffin iFM question...

    Ok, I know that the new iFM will only work with OLD ipods that have a single jack for the remote+line out, but is Griffin coming out with a model for the new gen 3 models? Is there an alternative brand for an ipod fm receiver that anyone knows about and can suggest to me? Thank you...
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    How about a Jokes section in the Lounge area?

    I think this would be a nice addition...
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    Questions about Ipod clenaing...

    I have a gen 3 Ipod, can I just clean it with a damp cloth (all parts on the outside, touchwheel, buttons) or do I HAVE to use some special solution?
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    Why is the back of the Ipod...

    Hey, I just noticed that when I place my Ipod on a desk, the unit wobbles quit a bit (via vertical axis)... it seems that the back is not perfectly flat, I know the edges are rounded, but shouldn't the rest of the back be flat? Does anyone else have this problem?
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    My hold button is getting loose...

    I use my hold button on my 15gb ipod so often that its starting to wiggle a bit when I have it in either the hold or non-hold position, is this a concern or is it normal?
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    Live Journal or alternate?

    I am think of starting a blog soon, I am always one step behind everyone (all my friends have blogs)... So is LiveJournal the best or is there a better substitute?
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    Is it ok to drop the ipod a few times?

    I have had my ipod for about a week now and already I have dropped it from my lap onto the carpet like a half a dozen times (from about 2 or 3 feet to the carpet...) I am wondering if this kind of "abuse" will cause my Ipod to be damaged...Please help...
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    All the things you can do with your ipod...

    Lets think of all the tasks that you can do with your ipod...I'll start: 1. music player 2. paper weight 3. mirror 4. flashlight Come on ppl, lets be creative...!!
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    Adding a menu button on the remote...

    Why is it the ONLY button that the unit has and the remote does not?
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    Questions about charging...

    Ok, here is my question... I know that when my gen 3 ipod finishes charging the charging animation goes away, does that also implies that the ipod is no longer taking in any power? So, will it continue to charge endlessly on loop if I leave in the cradle overnight, or will it automatically stop...
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    How come I can't update?

    Everytime I try to update my firmware to version 2.0.1 I get a message saying that I should close whatever application is using my Ipod, but I don't have anything else open except for the Ipod Updater? WTF? can someone assist me?
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    Big Problem!!!

    OK, I FINALLY got my Ipod this morning and already I have a problem with it... I worked great for like 30 minutes. Now, after I reset for the first time, I see the Apple Logo and none of my buttons respond, I can't turn it off!!! Can some one help me, please? PS: My Ipod also seems to be...
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    Oh wow! I just came across this online, wow, hmmm, NOW I may be able to use the ipod as a REAL stero!!! Here is the link:
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    Check this this a bug or a purposely disabled feature?

    I saw this on the internet today: ============================================== More Customizations Coming to iPod UI Tuesday, May 27, 2003 efladung From the Software Dept. I was toying around with my new iPod (3.0) the other day and i selected "playlists" from the main menu, and instead of...
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    FM receivers for Ipod...

    Are there any good FM tuners out there for the Ipod besides the Griffins one?
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    Dell sales Ipods again, but this time, they are the 10gb model...

    Dell is selling the new gen 3 ipods again, but they are only selling the 10 gb models...hmm...I wonder why?
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    What is Lucite?

    Apple says that the front of the Ipod is made of lucite, the only other use I found for it online was implementation in bathroom fixtures. I am curious, what exactly is Lucite and is it any good against cracks and so forth?
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    Dells promotion looks gone

    Dell No Longer Sells Ipods!!! I have just check the dell website, and APPARENTLY they no longer are offering ipods at an unbelievably low cost...sad, sad day...oh well...
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    Maybe a better case?

    Apple should really try and provide a better case for their Ipods... Ipods are expensive pieces of machinery (well, for me at least) and they deserve nice cases, better than the one that apple provides... In the future, Apple should provide a funcational case, one that allows you to operate the...