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    Did USB transfer speeds change from 2G to 3G?

    Hi, Does anyone know if USB transfer speeds (loading music, movies, apps through iTunes) changed from 2G to 3G? The 2G was much faster than the 1G, just wondering if there was another bump. Thanks
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    FS: 2 iPhone 2G cases- Belkin Formed Hard Case, Griffin Wave- $7 shipped for both

    Hi, I have 2 cases for the original iPhone for sale as a bundle, $7 shipped within 48 states. 1. Brand new Belkin Formed Hard Case in box w/ screen protector. This case has a black leather front with canvas back. 2. Griffin Wave. It is white/light tan in color. This one is used and has some...
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    Nano 4G- do generic mics work?

    Hey all, I have a Nano 4G and bought a cheap mic attachment that plugs in to the headphone jack. I thought it would work with the Nano 4G, but plugging it in doesn't bring up the Voice Memos in the menu. Is an 'Apple-approved' device necessary? This one was advertised as being compatible with...
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    FS: Like new Black 8GB iPod Nano 4G - $120 shipped USA

    Hi, I have a almost new black 8GB iPod Nano 4G (the new thin one) with original headphones (unused), USB cable, and dock adapter for sale. It has AppleCare until September 19, 2009. The iPod looks absolutely brand new with no scratches, marks, etc. I am selling it to get a larger capacity...
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    FS: 16GB iPod Touch 1G in box - $200

    Hey all, I have a 16GB iPod Touch First Generation for sale. It is in great condition- the front is scratchless and has a screen protector, and the back is very shiny with very little of the typical chrome scuffs. It comes in original box with USB cable, unused original headphones, etc. and has...
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    Can you still 'trick' the new iPods to play in older video playback units? (Video-55)

    IIRC, I read on iLounge awhile back that you could trick the newer iPods to output video through the dock connector and play on the Video-55 and other devices lacking authentication chips. In order to do so, you stick the iPod in a Apple Universal Dock (or anything with the proper authentication...
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    FS: 32GB iPod Touch in box w/ Griffin FlexGrip, screen protectors

    Hi, I have a 32GB iPod Touch in beautiful condition in original box with AppleCare until February 11, 2009. The Touch is practically flawless with no scratches on front or back, and has Version 2.1 software loaded on it. Included is- 32GB iPod Touch (first gen) USB cable New Apple earphones...
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    FS: iPod Touch cases- Griffin FlexGrip, InCase Protective Cover

    Hi all, I have two iPod Touch cases for sale (for 1st Gen iPod Touch): 1. 2 new Griffin FlexGrips (black and grey two-tone), each new in box with unused LCD screen protector and cleaning cloth. The boxes are opened, but the cases and accessories are new and unused. I think this sells for $15...
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    WTB: Broken iPod Nano 2nd Gen

    Hi all, I would like to buy a broken iPod Nano 2nd Gen, so I can scavenge the top plastic piece with the hold switch. Mine works but is kind flaky. If your Nano is in decent shape then I might be able to use the metal shell too, as mine has a ding in it (but this is not as important.) Let me...
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    Rumor- 1.1.3 iPod Touch can now play video with old Universal Dock

    I found this posting, not sure if it's true or not- IIRC the new Universal dock does not output composite video through its minijack, so he must be talking about the old dock. And if this is correct, then there is no authentication...
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    Anyone own a Sonic Impact Video-55 and an iPod Classic?

    There are instructions in the following discussion thread to get video from an iPod Classic to play on the Video-55- I was wondering if someone here could try it out and confirm it, as well as post any impressions...
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    WTB- Shuffle 1G Cap (or trade for DLO Cool Caps)

    Hi all, I lost my Shuffle cap, does anyone have an extra or unneeded cap to sell? Please let me know shipped price to California. Alternatively, I have some DLO Cool Caps I can trade (1 blue, 1 orange). The DLO's are brand new and work fine. I can take the lanyard off the DLO caps (it's...
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    What happened to Liquid Titanium?

    Anyone know what happened to this product? I was looking forward to it. There's no mention of it at the Power support web site. Guess I'll email them too- Thanks!
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    Icewear (silicone) comes with clear screen, only $24.95

    For those who are considering between a clear screen type protector, and a iSkin/silicone type protector, the Icewear 5G (silicone) comes with a free Tunefilm (clear screens) for only $24.95. That seems like a great deal: I...
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    A tiny speaker

    A little speaker primarily for when watching video would be nice IMO. Just good enough for dialogue, etc., no cranking bass or anything like that. It wouldn't take much space, use much battery, or cost too much. How about it?
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    I still like the Shuffle's sound the best

    I have a 40GB iPod and was going to EBay it for a nano. But upon closer listening, the Shuffle still sounds the best to my ears. I mean they all sound fine, but the Shuffle is the only one that really brings a smile to my face. I have some good Sennheiser over-the-ears that sound great with all...
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    Analysis of the Nano launch (so far) Rundown on what went right, what went wrong, etc... (okay it's old, but it's funny)
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    For those who worry that the nano is frail-

    I see people worrying about what happens if they sit on their nano, drop it, etc. Here you go-
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    Transfer speed?

    I'm curious what the transfer speed will be. Hopefully same speed as the iPod Mini. The Shuffle is way too slow (felt a lot more like USB 1.)
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    Why no lanyard?

    The lanyard is one of the best ways to hold the Shuffle, seems like Apple could've included one with the Nano. (the nano is heavier but still very light.) There's a lanyard headphone for the nano on the Apple site, but its 39 bucks and you have to use the Apple phones. I'm sure there will be a...