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    Clear film for protection

    I'm looking for a clear pda type film to protect my touch until cases come out. I know about the invisi shield and the cheaper versions of it but I'm lookin for something more simplistic. Does anyone know if power support released their crystal film for the touch yet? Or any other alternatives...
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    Nano won't let me add more songs

    I've been trying to add more songs to my Nano but it won't free up space. If I delete songs off the Nano it still says the my free space is the same. It says I have 60mb left but if I delete a whole album thats say 50mb it still says I only have 60 left. What gives? My breakdown of storage usage...
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    Power Support 3D Click Wheel Protector

    I ordered the power support 3d click wheel protector about a month ago and i love it. i went back to order more for my girlfriend but the site seems to be down permanently. am i going to the wrong link? could someone post the powersupport site for me? thanks!
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    Apple Armband

    where can i get the apple armband for a better price? 30 bucks seems just a bit steep for a strap, i dunno what you guys think about that. on ebay, there are all generic ones, im looking for the actual apple one. any ideas?
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    Agent18 Mini Shield, what armband?

    just got my agent18 mini shield today, it's great!! i just have one quick question, will the armband that apple sells fit with this case on? it is a very lightweight case and does not add bulk to the mini but i dont want to buy the band if it wont fit.
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    Capdase Brushed Metal iPod Mini case!

    FS::Capdase Brushed Metal iPod Mini case! i recently got my capdase brushed metal case in the mail from vinkos treasures. unfortunately, i changed my mind and wanted a clear case to show off my mini's color so i ordered an agent18 mini shield. the capdase case is UNOPENED and ive only had it...
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    Lock sign on bottom of iTunes?

    i have a 2g ipod mini 4gig and am using windows xp. on the bottom of iTunes, where it lists my total amount of space for music, theres a little lock picture, what does this mean? also, what are all those little check marks next to the songs, why are some checked and some arent? one last...
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    Downloading the 2005 buyers guide?

    hey how come when i try to dl the buyers guide it gives me errors. i tried the magazine version and the linked versions, both wont let me dl. are the links just not functioning yet or is it just something wrong with my comp?
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    Capdase vs Agent 18

    i ordered a capdase brushed aluminum case for my mini and it should be arriving in a few days. after reading a bit on the forums, i noticed ppl complained about it being hard to put the mini in or take it out. now i'm thinking i should have gotten a clear case to show off the color of my mini...
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    new mini owner! first chrage question

    new mini owner! first charge question hello everyone! i finally got myself a 2G 6gig blue mini! i am in the process of charging my ipod now and i was going through the manual and it says to charge it for atleast an hr before disconnecting (for the first time charge). how long should i leave it...