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    Full iTunes backup/restore (?)

    Hi All, I have upgraded my old iMac to a new one. I want a fresh OS so will not use migration assistant. Is there a way or a 3rd party software to do a full backup of itunes (including, music, movies, playlists, ipods/iphones/ipad backups, settings etc..) and restore on the new machine...
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    Multiple iPods, iPhone + iTunes ???

    Hi guys, I have an 80g iPod, A classic 160, a old nano for the gym, a new nano, and about to get an iPhone on Nov 9th here in the UK. I just upgraded to Leopard and not setup iTunes yes. Previously I used Multitunes to manage all the iPods. But I would really like to know if there is a...
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    Reverting To Original Firmware??

    Hi guys, I have a 60G iPod Photo. When updating songs last time, I also updated to the newest firmware and now my iPod freezes, skips songs etc... I never had this sort of problems before. Could someone kindly explain how to revert to the original firmware? :confused: Many thanks in...
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    Annoying Gaps In Beginning Of Songs!

    Hi guys, I have upgraded my iPod Photo to the new 60G video. I notice that the software seems to be very buggy, one example is that when changing albums, the first track stops several times when playing, also, sometimes the iPod skips 1 or 2 tracks? :confused: Just wondering if this is a...
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    Does iTunes update changed tags & art when synching?

    Hi all, I would like to know if iTunes updates the tags and album art if changed after the last sync. Many thanks in advance. iMan
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    Mc9 ->Mc10 -> iPod ...

    I understand Mc10 is now available, is it worth upgrading ($20), is it stable? Oh ... and does it get rid of the playlist bug? iMan
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    Upgrading iPod ... More Questions.

    Many thanks to "ashawley" for the excellent explanation Here . I have now transferred all the music from the iPod to MC9 and analyzed all the tunes not ripped with MC9. :) I have also purchased a brand new 40G (charged and ready to go)!! Now for the question... 1/ Do I need install the new...
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    Upgrading iPod ... A few questions.

    Hi Guys, A bit of help required here ... A friend has offered to buy my 30G iPod, and as I only have 2.8 Gig of free space left, I am tempted to sale it and upgrade to a 40G. When I first got the 30G, I used Musicmatch to rip / transfer, later I moved to MC9 but only used it to rip and still...
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    MC9 Doesn

    MC9 doesn?t find the info ( track name artist etc? ) for half of my CD?s but if I try the same CD?s with Roxio or MMJB, the info is found immediately!! What am I doing wrong ? ? ? :confused: Also, when I used 9.0.180 it would get the year the album was realised but this doesn?t happened with...
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    Where to start?

    Ok, I have decided to purchase MC9, before doing so, I have a few questions and would be most grateful if some of you guys could enlighten me. Let me explain the situation and my intentions first: I have used MMJB to encode / transfer about a 100 CD?s to my 3G 30G. I wish to start from scratch...
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    3G Line Out Adaptor?

    Is there a line out adaptor that plugs at the back of the new iPod so you can carry it with you if you want to plug in someone?s hi-fi or some external speakers without having to carry the dock? TIA iMan
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    @ Admin ( online / offline status )

    Hi Guys, here is a simple hack for vBulletin that displays the "online / offline" status of users. I hope this might help and be of use. Best regards. iMan
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    Strange Problem logging in ...

    When I tried to log in this morning ( UK time ) I was greeted as "iPodlounger" and when I tried to log out or click home or anything else, I got an error 404 ( not found ) ....? The only way I managed to get in is was to use the link from a notification email but when I tried to get to the...
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    Ripping DVD Soundtrack To Mp3 ?

    I have sevral music DVD's and would like to rip some tracks to Mp3 so I can transfer to the iPod. Could someone recommend a software or solution to do this please? TIA iMAn
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    iPod / Laptop / External HD .

    Hi all, New owner of a 30GB iPod, I use a Dell laptop to rip & transfer. Due to the limitation of the lappy's HD (5 GB free), I delete the songs from the HD in order to save space, this is not ideal as if (god forbid) something went wrong with the iPod, I would have to rip my CD collection...
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    Best MP3 Encoder?

    I am using a 3G 30GB ipod with a set of Shure e2's ( thanks to the good advice on this board ). I gave the Sony EX71's a try first but was not @ all impressed with the sound, so I went for the Shure's and can confirm that the the difference is phenomenal. I am delighted with the setup. This is...