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    Any Issues Upgrading from 10.7 to 12.3?

    I am still using iTunes v10.7 because I hated v11 and how they changed the viewing of albums. I am considering buying a new iTouch 128kb and it requires v12 - are there any potential issues I need to look out for when making the jump from v10.7 to v12.3.4? Will my iTunes library still be in...
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    Stopped Adding Album Artwork

    iTunes stopped adding when I'm adding in my own CDs. It worked fine for years. I still use v10.7 for Windows because I never liked v11 and I haven't seen anything about v12 yet. I've got a huge library (25,000 songs) so that may be part of the problem. I'm not sure if finally biting the...
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    7th Gen iPod Classic 160gb Question

    What exactly is the 7th gen? I thought the last version of the Classic 160gb that Apple released was the 6th generation 2nd release. Thanks
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    iTunes Syncing Thousands of Songs When I Only Add a Few

    I am using v.10 of iTunes and recently started having one my iPods sync 4,000+ songs each time I add something new to my library. Today I added 10 songs and it copied 4,000+ songs. What is wrong and how do I fix it? Is my library corrupt (I have 25,000 songs in iTunes). Do I have to...
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    Problems with Default Media Folder Location

    I recently switched to a new PC and I'm having problems with my default media location. My iTunes Media Folder Location is: C:\Users\blueboy714\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media but it is putting everything new that I load into C:\Users\blueboy714\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\MUSIC Previously it...
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    Problems with New PC/iTunes Transfer (Win 7)

    On my old PC I have the library on the C: and my actual Media files (all albums) on an external drive due to space issues. I now have a new PC and want to copy my iTunes Media on my external drive to my C:. I tried doing this yesterday, but screwed something up (I was able to recover)...
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    10.7 Reinstall & Library Question

    I downloaded v11, which I hate. Can I reinstall v10.7 and have it use the current library files? I schedule monthly backups and the next backup is this coming week, so my last v10.7 library files are from a month ago. I have songs on an external drive so that's not a problem. Also - if I...
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    Library v. Playlist Unlinked Files Question

    I recently created a few new playlists and some music/podcast files are appearing in the smart playlist that the system can't locate and I can't find in my library. I tried to remove the bad link using the exclamation trick in my smart playlist, but it seems to only work in my muisc or podcast...
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    Has anyone done a minimal iTunes Intall?

    Just curious if anyone has had any success doing something similar to the below link - to only install the minimal updates needed. Step-by-Step Guide to Installing iTunes Without Extra Bloatware - How-To Geek Does this work in Windows XP? Thanks blueboy714
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    Question on iTunes 10.4.1 Downloading

    when I tried to download version 10.4.1 my iTunes takes me to the Apple - iTunes - Download iTunes Now website and they ask me for my e-mail address rather than downloading directly from my current versino of iTunes (v10.1). Did Apple change their downloading method? Thanks
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    Out of Space on Classic 160GB Question

    I'm almost out of space on my 160GB and was curious what is the easiest thing to - 1) I could start removing albums from iTunes (I have everything on CD) - which I don't want to do. 2) buy another Classic - which is my choice. If I do buy another Classic is there an EASY way to use 2 Classics...
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    Album Cover Problem iTunes v10

    I just downloaded version 10 and when I view everything in "Album List" mode I can't see about 20% of my album artwork. I know they are there - they were there in version 9 and I can see the artwork in "Cover Flow" mode and I see them on my iPod Classic. What gives is this another bug that...
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    Windows Explorer Popping Up ...

    ... when connecting my iPod classic to my computer. It just started happened in one of the recent upgrades from Apple. I connect the iPod to my PC to download my songs to my iPod and the H: drive pops open. Not a big deal since I can just close it - but I'd like to know how to stop this from...
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    Strange Cover Flow Sorting Question

    I have a few albums that are not sorting by the album artist. I thought I was following everyone's instructions in the iLounge, but here's what I get: Settings: Artist - 10 songs by 10 different artists Album Artist - DJ XYZ (who is sampling 10 different songs above) Sort Artist - DJ XYZ Sort...
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    Can't copy artwork to album on iPod

    I copied Eric Clapton's "Live @ Madison Square Garden" and it won't let me copy cover art to the songs. All I get is a black square that says "Album Artwork Unavailable". I have never seen this before - any ideas to get around this on an iPod Classic? UPDATE - I figured it out. For some...