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    Saw BRMC last night

    This forum, Jacko in particular, was instrumental in me discovering Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Ever since I got into them, I've really wanted to see them live. Unfortunately, last time around I was under the weather and had to bail last minute. Luckily they came through again, still playing...
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    How do you keep headphones in while running?

    My wife got me a Shuffle for the holidays. It is actually the 4th iPod product I've owned. I gave my old 5GB one to the wife, my 40GB one suffered a hdd crash, and I use an 80GB video one daily. But this is the first flash-based unit I've owned and the reason I wanted it was for running. I did...
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    JBL On Stage with iSkin

    Does anyone have an On Stage and tried to use with an iSkin Evo3 on your iPod? I have a new 80GB 5.5th gen, which should be about the same size as the 5th gen 60GBs. Found a good deal online for this, but don't want to get if I'd have to take the iPod out of the skin to use. In general does...
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    1001 Albums To Listen To Before You Die

    I've had a book called "1001 Movies to See Before You Die" for about a year now. Cool book and has turned me onto some really good movies. In reading it, I'd often thought it would be cool to have a Music version. Well, on Saturday a new library opened across the street and I spotted this book...
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    First Impressions of 80GB iPod (+evo3)

    First, some background to set the stage: I'm a long-time iPod owner. Bought the 1st gen 5GB when they did the $499 -> $399 price drop, and then bought a 4th gen 40GB when it first came out. I'm also a Mac user. My 40GB iPod died on me while travelling in Germany this past summer. I got by with...
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    Allofmp3 prosecution likely MP3s for pennies? Russian cops say no Looks like allofmp3 will be prosecuted soon on copyright violations. Russian police have recommend to prosectors to charge them. I've been saying on these forums for awhile that you are an idiot to give these guys your charge...
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    Best Concept Album

    We had an interesting side discussion on another thread (change the face artist) about concept albums. I'm a big fan of the Concept Album and Rock Operas. Any other fans? What are your favorites? I know we have a least one vote for The Wall ;)
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    Some blast from the past recommendations

    I've loaded up my 40GB 'pod with a ton of old albums that I haven't listened to in a LONG time. And I've recently bought a lot of CDs used from a friend of mine and digitized them all. I wanted to drop some recommendations "from the vault", so to speak. These are from the period 1986 to 1990. I...
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    U2 Rock the House on SNL

    I don't think I've ever seen a band do 3 songs on SNL before. But at the end of tonight's episode, after already having done 2 new songs during the show, U2 stops the ending of SNL (when they all wave goodbye) and run up to their equipment and start playing "I Will Follow". Then, after lap...
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    How many songs do you have with "Show Duplicate Songs"?

    The new version of iTunes has a new feature "Show Duplicate Songs" under the Edit pulldown. Just curious how many duplicate songs you guys have? When I first got my iPod+iTunes I was trying to just have one studio version of songs, but now I just keep full albums on there and don't worry about...
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    The Stills, The Thrills, but No Chills

    Anyone checked out the new iTMS Essentials yet? The one listed in the subject contains songs by, among others: Jet The Vines Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs The Darkness Ryan Adams The Strokes BRMC Kings of Leon The White Stripes The Hives The Thrills This looks like my top album list for the year! (and a...
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    Grammy nominations out...

    and as usual they pretty much suck. A few gems though. My picks: Record : Clocks - Coldplay Album: Elephant - White Stripes Song: Not a big fan of ANY of them, but Lose Yourself by Eminem, i guess Best New Artist: Evanescence (too many better bands left out) Won't bother with most...
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    Punk Box Set

    Was just reading about this new box-set that Rhino is coming out with. This should make some iPods very happy. There is some VERY good stuff here. Check out the track list: Disc: 1 1. Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones 2. White Riot - The Clash 3. Heart Of The City - Nick Lowe 4. Boredom - Buzzcocks...
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    The Jet iPod Ad

    Finally saw it (twice) during the VT/WVU game tonight. Wow! I've been enjoying the album for a couple weeks now. The commercial should push these guys into the public consciousness. And sell a lot of iPods.