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    Sweet Capsule case for Nano

    Check this out: Looks friggin sweet.
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    Sweet - Contour releases the iSee for iPod 5G

    Contour just released the 5G clear case (iSee) Check it out: Choose iSee then iPod 30GB or 60GB
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    New Black Shure earbuds

    Pretty cool looking:
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    Ordered Universal Dock - What cables?

    Hey Guys, Just ordered the universal dock for my 30GB black iPod. Apparently it has s-video out on it, but the AV cables from Apple are only composite. So does Apple just assume you are to buy your own s-video cable to work? Has anyone tried this yet? :confused:
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    FS: Nearly new U2 iPod w/Contour case

    Just put my nearly new U2 iPod up for sale on eBay if anyone is interested. Only had it for 3 months and it's in mint condition.
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    FlexibleDock for iPod

    Saw this review and thought it looked cool: Does anyone have one of these and can comment? I'm thinking of getting one for my car. :cool:
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    GOSH!! Napoleon Dynamite on iPod

    I have tried to use Videora to convert Napoleon Dynamite for my iPod and have had no luck. I used DVD Decrypter and it successfully rips the video into one .VOB file. As soon as I tell Videora to convert it, it immediately says "Transcoding Complete" It creates a .mp4 file that is 0kb. I...
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    Pics of my Black 30GB iPod w/Martin Fields

    Just applied my Martin Fields overlays last night. Here are some pics: :cool:
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    5G Dock Connector - Press & Click

    Just got my replacement iPod yesterday - so far it's sweeeet (30GB black). I noticed as I was cleaning it, my finger pressed on the dock connector on the bottom and it made a slight click noise. I found that I can apply a little pressure and the dock connector clicks. I did this just by...
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    Convert .avi for iPod

    I wondered if anyone knew of a good way to convert .avi files for use on the iPod? I have some episodes of "The Office" I'd like to put on my iPod, but they are in .avi format. I tried using Videora but it only works in iTunes. Videora works great for my DVD's though, so I still use it for...
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    5G iPod Pixels

    Got my black 30GB yesterday. I'm real picky when it comes to my electronic gadgets. I've been eyeing my screen really close and it appears there are a couple pixels that are just a slight slight shade of silver or something when I'm watching a movie where the screen is almost all black. I...
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    Black iPod Click Wheel

    Just opened my 30GB black iPod - woohoo! Just a question for those who have the black one already -- does your click wheel (where it butts up against the black finish of the ipod) have any white areas? What I mean is, on one side of the click wheel it looks fine, the other side kinda looks...
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    NEW 5G Users - Please Report on Scratching

    I know there is a thread floating around about the black 5G showing some scratches, but those of you that have already had your 5G (whether white or black), would you please report here and tell us if they are prone to the same problem as the Nano? My black 30GB is expected to arrive next week...
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    New 5G Click Wheel

    For those of you that have the new 5G, how does the click wheel feel and compare to the 4G? Besides being smaller - what are the differences?
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    Videora Conversion Time?

    Just wondered what the avg. time was to convert a VOB file from a DVD into an mp4 file using the iPod Converter by Videora? Last night I converted the Coldplay Live 2003 DVD and it took about an hour. Does that seem right? Seems a tad long to me, but if that's the norm, I'm ok with it.
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    Contour case for iPod and Nano

    I emailed Contour because I was curious to know if they would be making a clear Contour case for the 5G iPod like the ones they currently make for the 4G. I have one for my U2 iPod now and I love it. They emailed me back and said: "We are currently working on a case for the new video iPods...
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    Wake Up Mr. West

    Hey guys, I'm not sure this is a problem of no gapless playback or just my iPod not doing it's job properly. I have the album "Late Registration" by Kanye West loaded on my iPod. The first song, "Wake Up Mr. West" is a short intro before the second song "Heard 'Em Say". The intro is supposed...
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    iPod Remote Port?

    It looks like on the 5G iPods they have done away with the remote port next to the headphone jack. I never used it, but I guess it's not necessary any longer??? :confused:
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    Unpacking the iPod

    Engadget unpacks a new iPod with pictures
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    Just ordered my black 30GB

    :cool: I just placed my order for a 30GB black iPod. Can't wait. I'll post pics when I get it.