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    Exchange ActiveSync gone for users of Google new iOS devices?

    Hi fellows, since Google has stopped supporting non-enterprise usage of its various services over the Exchange ActiveSync protocol, may I verify if I can no longer: 1) Sync my contacts to my Google account, 2) Enjoy push mail capability for my Gmail accounts on a newly purchased iOS device...
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    Getting photos synchronized across all iOS devices?

    Hi fellows. I've a 3rd-gen iPod (iOS 5.1.1) touch, 3rd-gen iPad (iOS 7) & iPhone 3Gs (iOS 6.1.3). I'm trying to have all of them possess the same set of photos. At first I thought of using Photo Stream to synchronize (merge) their collections, but I realize that Photo Stream only grabs the most...
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    iTunes wouldn't detect iPhones but sync fine with iPod touch & iPad

    Hi fellows. I have a peculiar issue. Some time ago I was having no issue syncing all my iOS devices with my PC via iTunes. I sold my own iPhone 4s & was left with an iPod touch & my iPad; still there weren't any synchronisation issues. Recently, I was trying to generate a local backup file using...
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    Sharing iTunes library database (itl) between 32-bit & 64-bit installations?

    Hi fellows, at the moment, I'm sharing a single, unique iTunes library between multiple computers (using DropBox on the computers, i.e. the itl file exists in the default DropBox folders of all the computers and are kept in sync automatically) and my actual media source (those songs, podcasts...
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    Dead pixel at EACH corner of 3rd-gen iPod Touch display?

    Hi fellows. I recently bought a 3rd-generation iPod Touch. I notice there are 4 "stuck" pixels, 1 at EACH extreme corner of the LCD display. They turned white & are extremely obvious when I activate the "White on Black" accessibility mode. Under normal mode, they are black, i.e. it will appear...
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    Contents on desktop iTunes' smart playlist not showing up on iPad's iTunes' same list

    Hi fellows. 2 questions: Qn1. I've a couple of smart playlists on the iTunes application that is installed on my desktop PC. 1 of which is "podcast_audio". The same playlist is also chosen to be sync-ed to my iPad. The list shows up in the left-hand column of the iTunes app on my iPad just...
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    iPod only displaying artist for some songs within playlist?

    Hi fellows. I notice that on my iPod Touch playlists, only on certain songs will the artist name be displayed below the song title, while most of the listing have just the titles displayed, no artist names. May I know why is this so?
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    Smart playlists NOT updating within iTunes itself?!

    Hi fellows, I've a puzzling situation with my smart playlists (SPL). Please allow me to elaborate on their structure 1st. Basically, I've a few "component" spl that "feed" into one master spl, named "sync_to_iDevice". The component spl are: 1. latest_additions: 2. UNrated: 3...
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    (Master) Smart playlist NOT updating (at all, even after each iTunes sync)

    Hi fellows. I've a couple of "component" smart playlists which feeds tracks into a single master smart playlist. I synced only this master smart playlist into my iPod. I noticed the songs in this master smart playlist on my iPod is pretty much the same, it appears the list is not...
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    Syncing behaviour/direction of individual content type in iTunes

    Hi fellows. I wish to clarify my understanding of how iTunes sync (overwrite) the individual content type on an iPod. The scenario is: when I sync an iPod with another new library, typically we will be prompted with the warning message, "this iPod is currently synced with another library. If you...
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    "Phantom" mobile applications updates detected by iTunes

    Hi fellows, under my iTunes "Source list" (as well as indicated at the bottom of my Applications pane), iTunes indicate that I've 2 updates for my applications. However, I tried to get those updated apps but it always end up with iTunes telling me, "no updates are available...". I tried to...
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    Sync iPod Touch with entirely new media library BUT RETAIN existing apps (on Touch)?

    Hi fellows. I'm creating a new media library where all the music, etc, are properly tagged/organized/album art embedded. I'm currently sync-ing my iPod Touch to my existing library, which is quite messed up, i.e. no album art, crappy tagging, etc. When I'm eventually done with the new library...
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    Which database to use for manually tagging music?

    Hi fellows. For the bulk of my music, I use Winamp's Auto-tagging function (which matches against Gracenote's database) to tag them songs. However, there are often situations where the tag information suggested by the auto-tagger is: a) clearly the wrong song b) not the album that I wish to tag...
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    A few qns re: how iTunes embed/store/write ID3 tags & album artwork into files?

    Hi fellows. I've a couple of questions with regards to the subject above. Currently I'm revamping my entire music libray, i.e. tagging, re-tagging, adding artwork, etc Qn1. if I import a song that has both ID3v1 & ID3v2.x tags into iTunes, when I edit the tags from within iTunes after...
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    Managing sole iTunes library with multiple machines on-the-go with database&media on

    Managing sole iTunes library with multiple machines on-the-go with database&media on Hi fellows. Trying to organize & revamp my iTunes library & wish to achieve a configuration but lack the expertise to achieve it. My objectives are: Objectives for my multimedia content to be stored/accessed...