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    Best Deal on Ipad Mini 2's?

    I'm ready to buy a 128gb Mini 2 since the 3's were introduced and I know prices should be down. my question is where should I get it from. So far i found 128gb wife only for $499 at bestbuy and 128gb wifi/celluar refurbished from apple for $539. I really want to get one with ios 7 so I'm...
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    Favorite Apps that use GPS

    I've had an Ipod Touch for a while now, but I'm finally going to get an Iphone 3gs tonight and was wondering what your favorite apps that use GPS are. More than likely I will get Navigon or TomTom or something like that. But I don't know what other apps use the built in GPS
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    Tiger Woods

    How many of you play it? i personally think it's the best game I have played from the app store. just wish it was wifi where you can play someone next to you on a different ipod.
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    Tzones on 1.1.4

    My friend is buying an iphone tonight and he is going to bring it over so i can activate and unlock it for tmobile using ziphone. I have only done this for friends and family that have at&t so i have no idea what to do to his to get his $5.99 tzones working on 1.1.4. is there a source i can...
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    This maybe a stupid question

    but, if i have a 16gb touch and an 8gb iphone, can i swap the memory? or is it soldered to the board?
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    AT&T has Refurbished 8gb Iphone for $249??

    I went to the website and they are selling refurbs for $249 It says that it requires a 2 year agreement, but it comes to you inactive and says to activate with itunes. does this mean i can order one from them, and then unlock it and not have to worry about doing the 2 year agreement? I'm...
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    A quick Iphone + Ziphone question

    I just recently got me a 16gb touch and found ziphone and jailbroke it. was really easy. my friend has tmobile and wants to go to the apple store and buy a brand new iphone. will the newest version of ziphone (i think 2.6 that just came out his past weekend) unlock any iphone firmware? or...
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    FS: iPod Mini Silver with Extras

    SOLD :eek:
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    FA: Halo XBOX Special Edition

    CLICK HERE to see it on Ebay. $225 local pickup. PM me if you have any questions. I am not accepting trades right now. Thanks.
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    "out For Delivery "

    Don't you hate going to UPS website in the morning and seeing "OUT FOR DELIVERY "and knowing they wont show up at your door until about 5pm? It's torture knowing my new 40gig is sitting in a big brown truck driving all over town and i dont have it in my hands. well, at least it's on the truck...
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    Reseting when I connect and Disconnect Mini

    I just bought my mini today and every time i either connect or diconnect my mini from my computer it resets itself. what happens is- i connect the mini to the cable. as soon as i do the screen goes blank for a second then the apple comes on the screen, then it says do not disconnect. then if...
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    How often do Apple stores get Mini's in?

    I went yesterday to the apple store near me and they told me that if I order a mini it would take 3-4 weeks, but they said they do get them in the store more frequent than that but the ones they get out of the blue are sold to first come first serve, and not to the ones that ordered it. The...
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    Perfect Xterra Install? (2002-up)

    I think i found a good solution to a cheap and easy dash install for an Xterra. First you will need a Belkin Cup Holder kit. Mini or Regular Ipod kit should work. I have the Regular kit. Take apart the kit so you only have the piece that holds the ipod that is connected to the little arm...
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    WTT: My new 3rd gen 20gb for your Mini

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    How long before sells 4g

    I have been using for about 4 months now and love it, so i decided that I might as well get $100 off an ipod mini since i know i will be with audible for at least the next year. When I called audible I got a code that gives me $100 off at I planned on buying a mini and...
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    FA: 3rd Gen 20gb with Vaja Case/iTrip

    Here it is on eBay. CLICK HERE make offers here and I may end auction early before the reserve is met.
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    Decided to not use audible on my ipod

    Not that it didnt work great, i just dont carry my ipod everywhere i go. i still listen to all my music from it though. anyways, i ended up buying a 256mb sd card for my treo600 and it works great with it. i can put 2-3 books at a time on the card, i can take the card out and put it back in...
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    FS: 3rd Gen 20g plus extras

    I'm trying to get money to buy a Treo 600 to replace my I500. I would sell my I500 but then I would be without a phone and I can't do that since it's my only phone. So, I'm selling my 20gig to buy it, then I will sell my I500 and buy another ipod. Its the only way I can get the treo without...
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    FT: Ipaq 5555 ppc for iPod

    Not Available anymore. sorry
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    Anyone have a coupon for the Apple store........

    Does anyone have a coupon for the apple store you aren't using? i'm gonna order my ipod tomorrow but want to get the best deal possible, and since most of you already have ipods and can't use the coupons itunes sends you by email, i was hoping i could use one. Please PM them to me so someone...