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    I don't think my iPod survived the "rapture"

    So, I woke up today to put some Steely Dan on my iPod (5th generation, 80GB). I turn it on - there's no songs, no videos, nothing. I had been getting very, very close to filling it over the last couple of days and I think adding a few podcasts to it last night may have been the straw that...
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    iPod showing early signs of dementia & how do you remove photos?

    Hi guys, Hope somebody can help me. I have a few problems with my 5th generation 80GB iPod. I'm on manual sync although I have everything backed up. So, I've had for a good few years ago now. I think I've had since around 2007, and up to now it hasn't caused me any problems. However, very...
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    Help with laptop sync

    Hi. I've had an 80GB video ipod for a few years now - no major problems - but I'm about to change computers and I need a bit of help I think. As my old laptop didn't have enough memory to store all my songs, I've had my iTunes set up to manual sync and then every now and then when I have enough...
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    Now I know what "Do Not Disconnect" means!

    So last week I was on holiday and as my iPod was running low on battery power, I decided to plug it into my friend's laptop (as I don't have a wall plug adaptor) to charge it up. When I got round to clicking "Remove iPod" on iTunes, my iPod disappeared from the source menu but "Do Not...
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    Help With Shuffle Function Please

    So I've had my 80GB iPod for about 6 months now and I've only just managed to get around to using the shuffle function. The trouble is, I'm having a few difficulties with turning the shuffle function on (sounds like a joke but I am). I successfully put it on shuffle the other day (and managed...
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    TV Themes

    Okay, everybody... What's your favourite TV show theme? It can be past or present, but try and include the name of the recording artist.
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    Different iTunes For Different Countries

    Apologies if this has already been...blah blah blah... I'm an iPod and iTunes user in the UK and was wondering whether there is any way I can log into the USA version of iTunes? I'm presuming the iTunes store is basically the same everywhere for things like music, but all the other stuff like...
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    Right now, after only having my iPod for 5 or 6 weeks, I'm enjoying just listening to albums in full. So what's the story with playlists? From what I can gather, using playlists can really add another dimension to your iPod. Please tell me how! :confused:
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    Will my iPod and PS3 be good friends?

    I'm thinking about getting a PS3 this year - maybe a little later in the year when they've come down in price - and was wondering whether I could use my iPod with it in any way. Apologies if this has been answered anywhere else but I was wondering if I could do anything with the PS3, other than...
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    The March Of Time...

    I'm a huge fan of the early works of both Aerosmith and ZZ Top - both bands that I would say are a bit laughable these days. Aerosmith - a fantastic, gritty rock 'n' roll band from the 70s - reduced these days to a formulaic, hit-making machine and a ball-less parody of their former selves. ZZ...
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    Artist Lists

    The only criticism I have of my iPod is that when I turn it on, select Music and then select Artist, it lists (as you would expect) all the artists that appear on my iPod. The reason why I don't like this is that it includes artists that may only have one song (by their inclusion on a...
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    iPod not responding

    Hi. Just grabbed my iPod out of the dock and as usual the screen lit up with the main menu. However, it's stuck like that. Nothing on the click wheel is working (including holding play/pause to turn it off), I've tried redocking it and I've also tried to connect it to iTunes (it goes ding-dong...
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    Not-Very-Hot Chili Peppers

    RHCP are so overrated. I'm almost afraid to criticise them because everybody loves them so much. It seems these days that they can't do anything wrong. When I first got into music (somewhere in between Mother's Milk and Blood Sugar Sex Magik), they were cutting edge (both visually and on...
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    Various Artists?

    Hi guys. I wonder if you can help... I've not had any problems with my iTunes library until recently when I moved it over to a different drive (as I was running out of space on the C drive). When I did this, I must have accidently reset something as now when I have albums by various artists...
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    Error message when backing up to DVD

    Hi. I'm relatively new to all this and for the past few weeks, I've been backing up my iTunes library to DVD (as the laptop I have doesn't have much memory so it is the cheapest way to back everything up in case my iPod has a bad day or something). Anyway, I've successfully burned 3 or 4 DVDs...
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    Is It Possible to "chronologise" the music on my iPod?

    Hopefully you might be able to help me. I'm relatively new to iPod - I've had a black 80GB for a couple of weeks now. I've now put all my CDs onto it and one small thing is bothering me. If I click into Music then Artists, it will produce a list of all the bands on my iPod. If I then choose...
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    Can I edit tracks on my iPod when in Manual Sync mode?

    Hi. I've just bought an 80GB black video iPod and have just spent the last week putting all my music onto it. As the only computer we have (a laptop) has insufficient memory to keep all my tracks in iTunes, I decided to back all my music on to DVDs, delete them from iTunes and switch to manual...