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    4G Battery Backup

    Hi there, I'm going to be doing some long term travelling soon and was looking into getting a battery backup for my iPod. One of the things I want to do is use my iPod to store photos so I don't have to carry my laptop around with me. Since I have yet to find any sort of device that acts as a...
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    FM Transmitters

    I'm looking at getting a new in car solution for my iPod. I'm looking at either a Transpod or a Podfreq transmitter because they offer the line-out signal quality and the full spectrum of channels to choose from. I was windering if anyone had any experience with either of the units and could...
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    Dock Connector Problems

    I have a 15 Gig 3G iPod that I have had for 3 years now. This last winter the battery life got to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore, so i installed a new battery, a NewerTech model. That was about five months ago. This last week I tried to plug my iPod in to my computer (a Powerbook)...
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    Setting the Facts Straight on the iPod photo

    I'm currently looking at replacing my old 3G iPod with either a 4G iPod or a 30 Gig iPod photo. I've been looking a lot at the size difference between the two but I can't find any consistent values. So far I have seen the the depth for the 4G at either .57 or .6 inches and the photo at .6 or...
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    A Screen I Have Never Seen Before

    I plugged in my iPod into my computer to update it. When I did so, a screen appeared with a disc (what looked like CD) and a magnifying glass over the right section of the disc. There was also a status bar on the bottom. While this was going on the hard drive spun up for the duration of the time...
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    iPod Battery Status

    I have a 3G 15gig iPod i purchased just over a year ago. I have started having problems with the battery moniter a few months ago. If I charge the battery until it says it is full and then if I unplug my iPod and plug it back in to the charger it will begin to charge again for a substantial...