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    transfer ratings and playlists possible?

    So i have a dilemma, I have just refreshed and updated my complete library... before starting i saved a backup of the old library and the xml files. I then updates some songs and added the ID3 tag information the the mp3 files. The only way i could get the library to refresh was to remove all...
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    continuous play issues and reappearing songs???

    Hey, I am having problems playing songs continuously. Even when i turn on the shuffle button at the bottom it will only play one song at a time. meaning that if i click on a song it will play it until it is completed and then stop. to play another song it must be clicked on. Any idea why this is...
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    itunes lost full to restore?

    I left my computer for a few hours and returned to it to find out that the computer was in a strange state. The only item that was showing was my icons, no tool bar nothing but the wallpaper image and a cursor. Cant ctrl-alt-delete or anything. Have to shut it down manually...
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    Update Firmware File Corrupt??? help!

    I am trying to update my ipod to 1.2 and i get the error "The iPod "ipod name" Could not be updated because the firmware file was corrupt" What do i need to do?? Thanks for your help
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    Comparison program? Sync both ways? ipod-computer?? HELP!

    I am looking for some software or an easy way to make my ipod and itunes have the same contents. Here is the problem. I have songs on the ipod that are not on the computer, that i got from friends, and songs on the computer in itunes that are not on the ipod. So i know that i can just go through...
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    Otter Box Video Jan 15!

    I just got an e-mail from them and they are taking pre-orders for there new otterbox. I am thinking about getting this for my pod. only drawback is the price - $50 :( but i guess that it is worth it for all the protection. My question: i have never had one of thease and only know what they...