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  1. Galley now offering lossless downloads

    4,000 albums to choose from, with each track available in Apple Lossless, FLAC, WMA Lossless and MP3. Prices for lossless tracks range from $1.04 to $1.94. :)
  2. Galley

    iHome Studio Series iP1 - now available

    I saw iHome's new speaker system at Best Buy, and from my limited testing, I was impressed. The iP1 sounds amazing, and looks really cool! :cool:
  3. Galley

    Is this how Cover Flow is supposed to work?

    As long as I've owned an iPhone, I've never really had a need for Cover Flow before now. On my old 8 gigger, I had one 5GB playlist of random tracks. On my new 32 gigger, I have two playlists: one is 8GB of random tracks, and the other is all my newest music from the past month. I go to the...
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    How to isolate missing tracks (exclamation mark)

    If for any reason you find yourself with random missing tracks, (or are trying to recover from a dying hard drive like me), there is an easy way to isolate those missing tracks. 1. Create a standard playlist called "Not Missing". 2. Drag your entire library into that playlist. Missing tracks...
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    Griffin Amplifi 2.1 sound system $60 at Sears

    Sears is closing out the excellent Griffin Amplifi 2.1 sound system for $60; a discount of $90. Prices are good in-store only. :eek:
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    [FS:US] 160GB iPod classic - new and sealed

    I have a black 160GB iPod classic, (still sealed) for sale. $260 including shipping in the continental U.S. O/B/O. Photo and feedback available upon request. :)
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    160GB iPod classics $229.99 at BJ's

    BJ's Wholesale Club is closing out the 160GB classic for only $229.99! If you need that much storage, run over and pick one up before they are gone. :cool:
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    iTunes 8 remember custom CD views!

    iTunes hasn't remembered custom CD views since what, version 5? Well, they finally fixed it. :D
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    Free album of melodic hard rock - Astryd Lypp

    These tracks were recorded in 1995. I co-produced the tracks, and co-wrote one of the songs. The recordings aren't the greatest, but the music is incredible. Astryd Lypp was an amazing band. It's too bad they never went anywhere. All ten tracks are available as a FREE download at
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    Damn April Fool's Day!

    You can't read anything on iLounge right now, because a bogus front page loads after a few seconds. Aaargh! :mad:
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    [Idea] Ratings based on chart position

    Some people have a hard time deciding what they should rate their songs. Anyone is free to use their own rating method, but here is a new one I just thought of. Base a song's rating on how high it charted on the Billboard Hot 100. Top 10 = 5.0 stars Top 40 = 4.5 stars Top 100 = 4.0 stars You...
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    Apple Component AV Cable: initial thoughts

    My cable arrived via FedEx this morning. The cable consists of a component video cable one on end, with a dock connector on the other. A USB cable extends from the cable. It appears that the cable requires power to operate. From my initial testing, I'm not all that impressed. This is my...
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    Apple Component AV Cable now shipping.

    I just got my shipping notice for the Apple Component AV Cable. True, $49 is pricey, but they include the $29 USB power adapter. It should be here on Tuesday. :)
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    Brad Delp, Boston lead singer dead at 55

    Source Boston has always been my favorite band. They were my generations Beatles. Seeing them live for the first time in 1987 was like a religious experience, with Brad acting as a preacher, his voice filling the souls of everyone in the arena. Those words have had a huge impact on my life...
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    Happy Festivus 2006!

    Happy Festivus everyone! Let's all gather around the pole.
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    Syncing an 80GB iPod with a lossless library on a Mac

    I recently decided to re-rip my CD collection as lossless files. So far I've only done about 40 discs out of 500. Yesterday I picked up an 80GB iPod. I want to keep a lossless copy of each track in my main library, but use 192Kbps AAC on the iPod. I'm not sure what the best method is since...
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    iPods will take over the Earth in 2206!

    Yes, it's true! 200 years from now, iPods will rise up against their owners and take over the Earth! They will whip us mercilessly with their long earbud cords. Why will they whip us? Because they like to! :eek: For the life of me I can't remember if I saw it on American Dad, Family Guy...
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    Genuine Apple nano docks - NEW! $14 shipped

    I have four genuine Apple nano docks for sale. The model number is MA072G/A. These were made for the 1st-generation iPod nanos, and I have no idea if they will work with 2G models. These docks are brand new, and have never been opened. $14 each includes first class shipping in the U.S...
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    2G shuffle fits inside Sony EX-71 case

    As I suspected, the 2G shuffle easily fits inside the case that comes with the Sony EX-71 earbuds. You will have to remove the extension, though, but if you are clipping the shuffle onto your clothing, you probably won't want to use the extension cable anyway. :cool:
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    Volume Logic not working in iTunes 7; fix on way Volume Logic and Apple's iTunes 7.0 We have received reports that following the release of Apple’s iTunes 7.0, the Volume Logic plug-ins for both Mac and Windows iTunes are not currently functioning as designed. The plug-in opens as...