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    How to copy playlists off of iPod when in disk mode?

    Hi guys, I've got my iPod video here trying for countless hours to get one specific playlist off of my iPod when in disk mode. As I go into music as most of you know it's not categorized (Folders F01, F02, F03..etc). Cluelessly I have no idea where my playlist would be there so I'm looking for...
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    iTunes not opening

    Basically all I did was update to iTunes 7.0.1 and it said ''Checking for new updates/software'' and it took soo long and never loaded so I X'ed out of that and now it won't open, please I need help!
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    Problems with Canada/USA iTunes Store

    Alright, I'm having a problem with the Canada and USA iTunes Store. The Canadian iTunes store doesn't sell videos and movies, only music and music videos. On the other hand, the USA iTunes does so I'd like to purchase some TV shows from the USA iTunes but when I try to it says that my account is...
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    iPod 5G wont update!

    I've got the 60GB 5G iPod and it won't update when I plug it to iTunes. It's iTunes 7 and it says its up to date, yet it reads 1.1.1....?
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    Cannot Download iTunes 7.0

    Alright, I'm having some big problems with iTunes 7.0 . Everytime I go to the iTunes download page there is no button which I can select to physically download iTunes 7.0 on the website. It says "Download iTunes 7" then below it, it says "Download iTunes" but no button or anything for...
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    iPod Video skips random songs and other problems

    When I go to a playlist of mine or even just certain Artists my iPod will skip songs; not playing them. I'll go to a song by Eminem or something and it will just skip it and go to the next song and skip that too until it reaches a song which plays. It plays fine on my iTunes and I haven't...
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    Does Apple still give away Apple coupons after registration?

    I'm trying to buy some but I don't see anybody selling them and I really want one, but not sure if Apple still gives away the Promotion Codes after you register on their site? Thanks!
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    Satisfied iPod 5G Customers!

    Alright, there's been a lot of people complaining about the 5G iPod Video, but you know what, this iPod has moved such a long way from the 1G iPod. Look what we have now, Videos, Color Screen, Photos..etc You have to admit, the video on this iPod is insanely good. The quality of the video is...
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    Converting Real Media Player to iPod Format

    Ok, I've converted like all of my movies so far but I have a couple of clips of tv shows on my computer but they are in .rm (Real Media Player) format and I tryed to convert that to the iPod format but it didn't work so is there a program that will convert .rm files also, or is it just .avi...
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    Difference between kbps?

    Alright, so I rip my .avi files to .mp4 in 512kbps and it took quite long and used up a lot of mb. I tryed 216kbps and it took faster and used less mb, ALSO I didn't notice a difference between the two. What is the difference between high and low kbps? I currently use QVGA/15fps/216kbps...
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    Do I need to keep my music on my computer aswell?

    I've always had all my music on my computer aswell (In My Documents) and in iTunes. Since I have a music capacity of around 30gb's and I need to free up space am I allowed to take off all my music from my computer but keep it in iTunes and still able to play it on iTunes and on my iPod. I'm...
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    Size of File and Genre of Video (Movies, TV Shows..etc). HELP!

    Ok, I have two questions for you and it would be much appreciated if you could help me with them, thanks! First: I'm not sure if this is usual but all my movie files are around 350-450mb in size, and I thought that was sort of big for being encoded the the .MP4 format. In the other hand, I've...
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    Just got my iPod, need Videos now!

    Alright, so I just picked up my new 5G 60GB iPod. I already converted 28 movies/shows to .MP4 via 3GP iPod Convertor. I'm not sure if it will properly sync with my iPod now because it's charging but what steps have people done to have fully converted some of their videos? I hope what I did will...
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    Videora and 3GP

    I've read here that lots of people have been having problems with getting movies they converted with Videora onto their iPod but I haven't been hearing any of them saying 3GP didn't work, so I assume 3GP is fine? I don't have my iPod Video yet but I've converted my movies using 3GP not Videora...
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    Movies not going to iTunes

    Alright, I did all the steps and now I have 2 files. An .MP4 file around 200,000kb and .THM file around 4kb. I've tryed to import both files, and each seperatly to iTunes Video section but it still doesn't seem to go in. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong because I've done all the steps it's...
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    FS: Apple iPod 30GB Photo

    It's 6 months old, comes with an iSkin eVo2 Wildside and a photo dock with still 6 months on warranty. I've been gentle with it and it's engraved Meier on the back but you can't see it when the case is on. Offer away!
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    FS: Apple Coupon Codes

    If anyone is interested I have about 40 apple coupon codes which can be used with the education discount to buy all sorts of things..iPods, iMac, iBook, Accessories..etc I am selling the codes at $2 a code. If interested please post, PM or e-mail michael_meier41 [at], thanks!
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    Lajo Cases - Best One

    I was reading the reviews of the Lajo cases and it was kind of hard with no pictures and complicated how they rated them but does anybody know which of all the cases they reviewed were B+? The link is below. I need a case which is dock friendly, click-wheel protector, screen protector, iTrip...
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    iSkin eVo2 Wildside

    I ordered an iSkin eVo2 Wildside (Rebel) 20/30GB case for my iPod Photo 30GB. Well, I just got it yesterday and put it on then but didn't post til' today. I put on the iSkin, and it fits snug, but it fits. Then I put on the click wheel cover, it's fine. Then I go to the screen connector and put...
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    The NEW iPod Flea!!!!

    It's finally here! OMG! Look: