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  1. viper69

    Can't transfer new purchases, need to udpate iTunes?

    I decided to attempt to update my iphone 13Pro Max (can't change the sig file) to the latest iOS 15.4. I synced my phone first. Sometimes I buy music directly onto my phone. Certain playlists were duplicated. In iTunes, instead of Rock, there is now Rock and Rock 1. This happened for a couple...
  2. viper69

    iphone 5s - can't open it

    I have an iphone 5s. It doesn't have cell service. Thinking of putting music on it for streaming. Problem- I don't know the 6 digit passcode. When I enter the passcode the phone is disabled for 15 mins. I have a 5s backup, but I am not sure if it belongs to this phone. I don't think it does...
  3. viper69

    Spam iphone in Mail app

    Using the standard Mail app. There's no way to set filters in the Mail app- it's a useless piece of software. I can do this in Thunderbird for example. So I recently received some spam. I went to preferences in Mail to block all email from that sender. On the same day I then went into...
  4. viper69

    iOS 15.2 on iphone XR??

    Does anyone have the latest iOS on their XR, and are there issues? My phone works fine, not slow. But, sometimes you put a new OS on an iphone and it behaves more slowly. Just wanted to see what people have experienced!
  5. viper69

    SPAM on iPhone but not PC?

    Lately I have been getting a lot of SPAM directly on my iPhone using Apple's Mail application. However, when I keep them unread, and turn on my PC, open up my email client, these emails never appear. How is that possible? And what can I do on my phone to minimize this if at all. I was always...
  6. viper69

    iPhone Connection to a PC via mobile Hotspot?

    My friend has an XsMax like I do. When they attempt to use their Personal Hotspot feature, they see their iphone in the list of available networks, but when they click on their phone all they see is "PC Cannot Connect to this Network" Any ideas on this?? This is a new one for me. They were...
  7. viper69

    iTunes doesn't add music to my iTunes Library??

    I'm not sure what's going on. I am running iTunes v12.10.7.3. I bought quite a few songs from Apple's music store, all files went into the proper folders under my D:/My Music Directory. iTunes shows older songs in this > D:\My Music\Band Name, the Band's Name directory has 6 subdirectories-...
  8. viper69

    Downgrading to another iOS from backup??

    I have an XsMax with iOS12 (stock OS when released). I may want to update to the latest iOS, my concern is I'll end up with a brick or some other issue. My phone works just fine now. I have a complete backup of my phone on my computer. IF I update to the latest iOS which is 14.4 and I don't...
  9. viper69

    Songs showing in duplicate in only 1 playlist- some type of iCloud issue/Signing in- I'm lost.

    A while back I had to create my playlists all over for some reason, and that's when problems began. The main issue is with a single playlist- almost all my songs appear in duplicate in my primary smart playlist. Upon inspection I observed the following The songs in duplicate are songs I have...
  10. viper69

    iPhone 5s Update to iOS 12.x -

    I have an old 5s no service, in its memory it has the old phone number. Saw the news that iPhone 5's needed to be updated due to that GPS/time issue, otherwise it was reported App Store access would not be possible. I updated it- but in the process I need to give a new email address (tha's OK)...
  11. viper69

    New Mini-Pad, how good is the Apple Pencil 1st gen with it?

    I've heard varying reports on the 1st gen apple pencil- some good, some not. Was thinking of getting the latest Ipad Mini now that FINALLY has ability to write on it. Does the handwriting work well with the Apple pencil? I heard from 1 person the performance varies by the note taking app one...
  12. viper69

    Music on iPhone XS-Max

    Someone told me there's a way to "download" music from Apple Music, and play the music even if you are not connected to the internet. Is this true? If so, how does one do it? 2. My phone has 256Gig capacity, with 217Gig available. Will putting 30-60 gigs of my music slow my phone down done...
  13. viper69

    Email disappears from my Apple mail app on iPhone

    Curious, I had a bunch of emails for weeks on my iPhone during vacation. Came back from vacation and checked email on my PC, using Thunderbird, and all my emails both read and unread disappeared from my iPhone’s email app inbox a moment ago. This has happened before, not sure it’s model...
  14. viper69

    iPhone 7 Global Exchange Server Email- Stumped

    I'm coming from an Android phone, where all I had to do to search through a company's global email exchange was open the phone's email app and type in some characters in the To: field. However, with an iPhone 7 running iOS 12.0.1 this features seems not to exist at all. Rather the only way to...
  15. viper69

    iTunes Wishlist- from Shazam or SoundHound?

    Is there a way to identify a song with either of these apps and add that song directly to your wish list in iTunes from your phone?
  16. viper69

    Mail app always opens into an inbox, not list view?

    I cannot figure this out. I have a few inboxes all from the same ISP. When I open my Apple mail app on my phone Xs max, iOS 12.0, lately it’s opening directly into one of the inboxes. It used to open into list view, so I could see which inboxes have mail. Note- mail doesn’t open into an email...
  17. viper69

    Digital Message Effects Missing??

    I’m using iOS 12 on Xs Max. The digital touch feature partially works. I can click on the pink button, pick a color and draw- person receives note. However all the built-in animations like a heart beating and whatever else was there are no longer present. Were they removed from iOS 12? I...
  18. viper69

    Restoring a lower iOS to a new iPhone with later iOS??

    I have a feeling this isn't possible, but I'll ask. I have an iPhone X, running iOS 11.4., 64Gig of memory, only 50% used. I'll be getting an iPhone Xs Max, it came with iOS 12 on it. Am I able to take my backup of my X w/ iOS 11.4, and put onto the Xs Max that has a higher iOS? I think not...
  19. viper69

    Wireless Headphones-- What's out there?

    I'm not a fan of losing the headphone jack at all! From the little I know, it seems Apple's wireless solution is the best out there, but at a high price. Are they in fact the best? They seem to allow the user to have the most control of features w/out interfacing w/the phone as much as other...
  20. viper69

    Thunderbird Calendar Sync with iphoneX possible?

    Is it possible to sync my calendar in Thunderbird with my phone's calendar WITHOUT using some gmail account?? Seems the links I ran across in a quick search all suggest having a gmail account. I have zero interest in putting my calendar on the internet. Thanks in advance