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    watch forum

    Not sure if anyone has ever brought it up but will there ever be an Apple watch forum?
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    lost option to choose custom alert tone

    I have an iPhone x. I plugged it into iTunes when I unplugged it I lost my custom ringtone and custom alert tone (text) I was able to put ringtone back on but cannot for the life of me figure out how to put custom alert tone back on it. It all transported over from my iPhone 7 right out of the...
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    Iphone 6 Lifeproof case question...

    The wifey just got the Iphone 6 and bought a Lifeproof case. Anyone know of an adaptor that works for this the one they have for 5 which you think would work for the 6 does not. Would love to charge it on the 30 pin alarm clock...
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    Iphone 6 otterbox defender and 30 to 5 pin adapter...

    I just got the Iphone 6 and the new Otterbox Defender case. The Iphone 5 Otterbox Defender case worked with the 30 to 8 pin adapter the new case will not. I loved charging my phone with my clock radio but right now I can't. I would rather figure out a way to still use this setup and keep case...
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    IOS 7 update

    Has anyone else had this peoblem? I have an iphone 5 and updated it. Since the update I get a see thru blue line that goes back and forth across the screen. Doesnt happen on home screen but while texting and making calls. Called apple and they had never heard of this but didnt have time to go...
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    Iphone 5 owners what are using?

    What brand of usb dual or single usb car charger is everyone using? Still waitng on my white verizon phone it has been a month. Wanting to know which one works on the 5.
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    any way to transfer everything?

    I was debating on getting the new 4th gen 32gb touch.I have a 3rd gen 32gb touch now.I have all 11 pages filled with apps most of them were free at the time i downloaded them.Is it possible to transfer everything from old one to new one easily or do i lose it all? Once i was able to do this...
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    winner iphone 4 Tekkeon Mypower

    Has anyone else that was a winner of this contest received any confirmation about when you would get it.Tried repying to the winning email and to Dennis and have not heard anything .(to tell them color)
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    A1265 Plug

    i have a 32gb. ipod touch third gen.i would like to buy this but on some of the websites it says 2nd and first only.does anyone have this and does it work on their 3gr gen touch?or does it say not recognized and still charges it?
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    can ipod play music for real piano?

    not sure where to post girlfriends dad has a yamaha piano.he can have the piano play music from a floppy or cd.pianodisc has a system that cost about 6000.00 there a way to plug up an ipod dock to the piano that has rca jacks and have it play piano?i know we would have to buy...
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    maximum apps

    does anyone know what is the total number of apps that you can have on your touch?
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    cant sync apps after update

    having trouble getting new apps on all started after 3.1.3 update.anyone having this problem.i see the new page with new apps but its greyed out.i try to drag and drop but doesnt work.have tried syncing it is checked on the left but my last page on the right side is greyed out.also...
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    sharing downloaded apps?

    i have quite a few free apps in itunes library and on 32gb touch.some i got from they are free for a day them some of them go to paid question is my nephew is getting same thing for christmas would it be possible to plug in his authorize his them would it...
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    ipod first gen lawsuit?

    i was one the the fortunate or unfortunate ones to have a first gen that was included the the lawsuit.looked around the web but didnt find anything that was current.has anyone received a settlement yet?i know it takes a while for this all to go thru but i thought that it was already settled.
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    backlight question?

    my sister washed my nephews 4gb ipod nano she went and bought him a new 8 gb one.anyway they said the 4 gig didnt work anymore.she gave it to me i guess they didnt check too closely but it does work.the only thing that doesnt is the backlight went to settings and tried there...
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    nano 3rd gen. vids. on tv

    i know i can get the apple cable for 50 bucks and it hooks right up.(too expensive).is there a tut. that shows you what cable you need and how to hook it up.i bought a cable but cant remember what kind tried it from a link i found online.but no luck gave up on it.
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    nano 3g to tv

    not sure if right section but here goes.been looking at how to s on ipod to tv.i have found a few articles about an a/v cable that works for this.i went and bought one for about 6 bucks came home and read and reread those articles.i have tried to follow them and cant really figure out whats...
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    brand new never used case for ipod with video 30gb,60gb.will take 17.00 dollars and will ship free.has a price tag of is black here are some pics:havr another better pic but too big email me for it. [email protected]
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    original apple lanyard

    is anyone using their lanyard on the itouch?i have one for my first gen. nano and was wondering if it works on the itouch.i like having it around the neck and under my shirt when im working doesnt get in the way like that.only thing have to worry about is crushing it if im carrying...
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    which one? video nano 8gb or itouch 8gb

    i have a chance to get either a nano 8gb video or the itouch 8gb for free with priorityclub hotel points.thats how i got my 1st generation nano.the nano is 76,000 and the itouch is 114,000.just wondering which one to get .im leaning towards the nano just for the smallness of it.have read some...