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    Things that make you say HMMMM? - about the iPhone 4

    It’s been a couple of weeks and I have some SMALL things I noticed about the iPhone 4, along with some questions. If you have any similar ones please share them as well. 1. Now that we have multi-tasking have you noticed that the Phone app does not refresh immediately? -- For example. Phone...
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    Review: iSkin Fuze for 1st Gen iPhone (C+)

    Hi Everyone, I purchased a Fuze case in December 08 and two months later this case has giving me problems. I am hoping other users may share their thoughs and see if I just got a bum case or if this is wide spread... You can read iLounge's review here...
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    Iphone 2.2 glitch with light sensor - test 4 ur self

    I just discovered the light sensor in my 1st gen iPhone no longer works properly. Discovered issue last night while checking email. If you have auto-brightness on and the room you are in gets bright then your screen gets bright. The problem is that if the room you are in gets dark the screen...
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    How to set the "Incoming Call" screen the way you like it - Mac only

    Since the iPhone came out I always wondered where the option was that sets the "Incoming Call" screen to look either with a full screen image in the background or the little image in the name area. (See images below) I have heard it was only possible via Outlook in Windows. So because I...
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    iPod Accessories that work/dont work with iPhone - Post Here.

    I know we all have iPod accessories. Please let us know what works (or dont work) with your iPhone. Here are some of mine that I have done a quick test with: 1. iHome H7. When placed on the cradle it prompts me to set it to airplane mode to reduce static. It charged the iPhone and music is...
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    iPhone Bugs/Glitches/Lack there off - Post Here

    Admin, If this can be made into a sticky that would be great since I dont know how. Now that I have had a weekend of testing the iPhone out I have found a couple of bugs: 1. When taking a snap-shot from the contact-edit page to display a picture the contacts app crashes and I end up at the...
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    iTunes to iPod upload speeds/times (usb2 vs firewire)

    I just purchased my 40gig 4g iPod and this was the first time I went with sync-ing my iPod via USB rather than Firewire. For whatever reason, when I tried to sync my iPod via Firewire my iPod would freeze in the middle of sync-ing it with iTunes. I have had a 2g iPod and a 3g iPod that both...