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    Anyone upgrade iphones and decide to return the 3G?

    I'm sure I'll take the lazy way out and just hang onto the 3G, but it has a bunch of little things that annoy me compared to the 1st gen, and considering I'm using it with 3G off more of the time to save power and get more bars on Edge, it seems a bit of a waste. What I was curious about was if...
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    iTunes 7.6 now Vista 64-bit compatible!

    It's in the Windows requirements now. Someone go download it and see if you can sync your iphone in Vista 64 now! :)
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    iPhone Software update 1.0.1

    Go have itunes check for updates. Get back to us and let us know if it bricks. :) (that's with the iphone plugged in while checking for updates)
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    Hands free BT unit for iphone?

    Has anyone had good success with a Hands Free unit and their iphone? I picked up a cheap Moto HF820, and it works perfectly fine with my 8125 Winphone, but it doesn't work right with the iphone. It will pair ok, it even displays when I adjust the volume on it, but the call button on the 820...
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    New iPod software out today

    The only thing new is an update for shuffles, hopefully it fixes the common issue of the shuffle not playing out of the box and the green light staying on, until you restore the shuffle.
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    macskinz and belkin auto kit

    Anyone used a macskinz on their ipod and the belkin auto-kit? Was thinking of getting one of those macskinz, but I'd hate it if the connector on the belkin unit was too wide to seat properly with the macskinz on.
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    Windows music stream recorder

    Anyone have an app for Windows they like for recording internet radio streams? Found a real nice app called Audio Hijack Pro for the Mac last night, works like a charm, you can have it "hijack" the browser's audio stream and it'll record the feed without needing to know the URL for the stream...
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    How to listen to albums in the car

    Hi, just got an ipod, and frankly I'm a bit irritated with it, because I have to change the way I think about playing music, and I don't like the way the ipod works in the car as opposed to the way I'm used to. Previously, I've been using MP3 CD-based players in my car, and they all used the...